Design Validation Services 

Professional CAD Function Testing. 
Let our rapid prototyping experts validate your designs. 





Design Validation Services by Proto3000

The Rapid Prototyping Services team will take your designs and validate them during the rapid prototyping stage of your parts or models. Design Validation is a cost effective testing procedure, which provides our clients confirmation of their designs based on the following criteria:


Here is how it works: 

CAD Files 

You may either provide the Proto3000 Rapid Prototyping Services Team with a CAD file and we can print your prototype to validate it based on it’s fitting, it’s form or it’s function you have intended the prototype for. The Services Team will perform a series of tests to make sure the prototype is 100% accurately designed, printed and is ready for mass production.


3D Printed Models 

Why not have a second opinion of your prototype’s validation? The Proto3000 Rapid Prototyping Services team will be happy to validate your model or prototype after it has been printed. Having a second opinion of your design’s validation is beneficial prior to mass production. We can make sure that your prototype is a 100% accurate before you decide to take your prototype to the production stage. We will create a report for you based on the necessary tests, which are performed to validate the fitting, accurate shape of your prototype and the function it's been intended for. 


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