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Design for Additive Manufacturing with Desktop Metal and nTopology

Online Webinar
16 June, 2021
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Design for Additive Manufacturing
Desktop Metal + nTopology

Dates: June16, 2021
Time: 11 a.m. EST – 1 p.m. EST (GMT -4)
Hosted by Desktop Metal and nTopology

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Event Overview

Over the next decade, additive manufacturing will enable new products to feature unprecedented levels of complexity, be 30-50% lighter, and be mass-customized to each local market. Join this event to learn about how you can start realizing some of these benefits today, from tips and tricks when designing parts for 3D printing in CAD, to next-generation technologies like topology optimization software to unlock the full potential of metal 3D printing.


  • 01_What to consider when designing for AM?
    • Learn about how you can design parts that take advantage of many 3D printing benefits using your traditional CAD software. This session will cover best practices for successful 3D printed parts, as well as simple methods that you can use to reduce weight, cost and time when designing parts for 3D printing
  • 02_Additive technologies: Which is right for me?
    • Learn about the different Desktop Metal 3D printing technologies and how their capabilities differ depending on your application. We’ll discuss which types of parts and designs are most suitable for the different systems.
  • 03_Customer Examples of additive optimized parts
    • See what parts Desktop Metal customers are printing today that take advantage of new capabilities provided by metal 3D printing systems. We’ll explore case studies of specific parts from our customers, show the tools they used to redesign the parts and the benefits they realized, including time and cost savings.
  • 04_nTopology: Next-Generation Software for AM Part Design

Hear directly from nTopology Application Engineer, Evan Pilz, on how nTopology enables engineers and designers to take additive manufacturing to its fullest potential with unbreakable geometry, field-driven design, and reusable workflow capabilities. Evan will do a live demo highlighting rapid design iterations with unlimited complexity and will spend some time on topology optimization.