Freefoam foam 3D printing material webinar

Webinar: FreeFoam™ – Manufacturing Closed Cell Foam without Tooling

Live Webinar
03 August, 2022
2:00 pm

FreeFoam produces durable and dimensionally accurate closed cell foam parts without tooling – delivering all-new benefits for the automotive, furnishing, footwear, sporting goods, health care, consumer goods, and other industries. This revolutionary expandable 3D printable resin was recently introduced at Foam Expo 2022. Now, we welcome you to learn more about FreeFoam in an upcoming special live webinar event. Register to learn more about the most exciting innovation to hit the foam and 3D printing industry!

Join us to learn how this new 3D printable photopolymer resin enables manufacturers to produce durable and dimensionally accurate foam parts without the tooling, trim and waste of standard foam production. Don’t miss this special event

Date: August 3, 2022
Time: 2:00 PM EST

Topic: FreeFoam™ – Manufacturing Closed Cell Foam without Tooling
Presented by: Walter Voit, President and CEO, Adaptive3D – Part of Desktop Metal

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In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How FreeFoam solves numerous pain points in foam production
  • Process Overview: The Basics of Printing and Expanding FreeFoam Parts
  • FreeFoam is part of a new family of DuraChain elastomers, which enables foaming and expanding a design accurately without a mold
  • FreeFoam strength-to-weight performance and other material properties
  • Designing for FreeFoam part production


About the Presenter

Walter Voit, President and CEO, Adaptive3D – Part of Desktop Metal

Walter Voit
President and CEO, Adaptive3D
– Part of Desktop Metal

Walter Everett Voit is a tenured associate professor at the University of Texas at Dallas andco-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Adaptive 3D Technologies, which focuses on next-generation additive manufacturing based on specialty polymers. He has also co-founded Syzygy Memory Plastics, Ares Materials, Pascalor, Qualia, and Polycraft. Prof. Voit is the past President and Science and Technology Chair of the Council on Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards through the National Institute of Standards and Technology and an International Atomic Energy Agency consultant in the field of radiation crosslinked shape memory polymers. He is a DARPA Young Faculty Awardee and DARPA Director’s Fellow. Prof. Voit received a BS in Computer Science in 2005 and a Masters in Artificial Intelligence from UT Dallas in 2006. Prof. Voit received a PhD in Material Science and Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2009. While at Georgia Tech he was a Presidential Scholar and was selected to the prestigious TI:GER program.