3D Printed Soft Touch Parts 

Hold a 3D printed end product in your hands prior to mass production. Create cost effective and functional prototypes during the design process. 







3D Printing - Functional Prototyping Solutions - Soft Touch Parts

When you are designing a product, the only way to appreciate how a product will really be like is to create a 3D model that looks and feels like the end product. Since the PolyJet technology has a wide range of rigid materials and elastic rubber-like materials,it allows for more smooth finishes, high level of detail and the ability to jet a variety of materials on a single build tray. You can also incorporate buttons, knobs and soft components to give your prototype a realistic look and feel.

In order to improve the product's ergonomic comfort many  industries use soft touch coating in their product design to authenticate future products. The automotive industry for example makes use of  soft touch in the design and development of products such as knobs, pulls and handles. While, consumer electronics use soft touch coating for features such as rubberized buttons and coatings.Even for consumer goods, a lot of the products incorporate soft touch coating, including tooth brushes, shaving handles and glasses.


How it Works

The dual-jet process can combine materials in several ways, enabling the simultaneous use of two different rigid materials, two flexible materials, one of each type, any combination with transparent material, or two jets of the same material. Two perfectly synchronized printing heads are designated for each material, including the support material.

Connex printing systems can produce prototypes that possess properties that mimic traditional elastomeric materials including EPDM and NBR. This means you can evaluate a design that incorporates soft touch areas. Several rubber–like materials with different shore values can be printed at the same time and evaluated on the design model. The model can then be tested on a focus group as well as on potential customers to be able to measure how comfortable and easy to use the product is. Issues such as a product's impact resistance can also be evaluated.


The Proto3000 Advantage 

Proto3000 holds a great deal of pride in its skilled staff and the knowledge and experience they have to offer. In that sense you will never have to worry, since Proto3000 will take care of it all for you. Proto3000 provides you with the leading Connex Printing systems that has revolutionized the innovation industry. We bring Connex to your door in order for you to maximize your products potential before you launch it to the market. Not to mention that Proto is always by your side to provide with advise like the tips given below. Get in contact with the Proto3000 services team today to get a jump start on adding the soft touch parts to Your product. 
If you want to speak to a LIVE PERSON - CALL 1-888-88-PROTO (77686). 


The Technology Used for Creating 3D Printed Concept Models 

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology 

Using FDM technology allows affordability and durability by printing concept models with production-grade thermoplastics. 
FDM 3D Printers are office friendly and they produce small models in hours and large models in days. The FDM printed models can be drilled, sanded and painted according to your preference to create a perfect finishing of your prototype. 


PolyJet 3D Printing Technology

As a 3D printing process, this technology produces amazingly realistic models. The printing technology builds accurate models by incorporating multiple materials into one automated part to create prototypes that look and feel like finished products. With fine details, smooth surfaces, rigid housings, soft-touch buttons, lettering, rubberlike seals and even clear components, your models can look the part at a trade show, a presentation or even during a sales pitch. 




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