Wind Tunnel Testing 

Verify the aerodynamic properties of your prototypes prior to production using Polyjet or FDM 3D printing technology. 







3D Printing - Functional Prototyping Solutions - Wind Tunnel Testing 

Wind–tunnel testing is an essential part of the design process in many businesses, it is used to verify and tune the aerodynamic properties of solid objects. Whether an object is static or mobile, wind tunnels provide an understanding into the effects of air as it moves over or around the test model. Automotive, aerospace and architectural firms have relied on traditional manufacturing processes including milling, turning and fabrication to make models for wind–tunnel testing. The materials that are typically used are metal, plastic and composites. The operations listed above involve programming, setup and operator supervision, which increases lead time and cost.

3D printing (also called additive manufacturing) has been recognized as an efficient alternative process for constructing strong, accurate wind–tunnel test models. When compared with machining and model making, 3D printing with either PolyJet or FDM Technology has been found to be faster, less expensive and more efficient. 3D printing can ensure to create small, inaccessible features that are hard to make to exact scale with traditional methods. Even though internal passages are easy to produce, such features would complicate the CNC milling process. 3D printing makes it possible to easily embed equipment into the model, such as pressure-measurement devices and vents for smoke discharge.


How it Works 

If you have a product and you need to test its functionality when it moves or is exposed to air, Wind Tunnel Testing is the most adequate functional prototyping solution to be used.The strength of the materials allows the FDM parts to be tested at high wind speeds without the risk of failure. FDM 3D printing technology is the best fit for wind–tunnel testing when you have complex or sophisticated prototypes, changes to your designs are likely to occur during the prototyping phase and you have large or bulky products. 

The Proto3000 Advantage


With little direct labor needed and around-the-clock operation, FDM produces models in a few days that would take a week or more to produce with machining or sheet–metal fabrication. Not to mention that this process will not only save you time and labor but it will also diminish your costs. Proto3000 can provide you with the leading systems that will make sure your testing process is successful and that it runs smoothly. This because not only do we provide leading technology and innovations but we also back you up with a our extensive knowledge and experience with regards to you product and your process. 

Benefits of PolyJet and FDM models for wind–tunnel testing include: time and cost savings, the option to embed inserts without having to drill, availability of lightweight materials and the ease of creating internal passages for smoke or ink dissipation. Contact the Proto3000 team to help you get started with you Wind Tunnel Testing. 
If you want to speak to a LIVE PERSON - CALL 1-888-88-PROTO (77686). 



The Technology Used for Creating 3D Printed Concept Models 

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology 

Using FDM technology allows affordability and durability by printing concept models with production-grade thermoplastics. 
FDM 3D Printers are office friendly and they produce small models in hours and large models in days. The FDM printed models can be drilled, sanded and painted according to your preference to create a perfect finishing of your prototype. 


PolyJet 3D Printing Technology

As a 3D printing process, this technology produces amazingly realistic models. The printing technology builds accurate models by incorporating multiple materials into one automated part to create prototypes that look and feel like finished products. With fine details, smooth surfaces, rigid housings, soft-touch buttons, lettering, rubberlike seals and even clear components, your models can look the part at a trade show, a presentation or even during a sales pitch. 



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