Formlabs® Nylon 11


High-Performance. High-Impact SLS Powder for Functional Prototyping & Small Batch Production

The Nylon 11 powder from Formlabs is a bio-based nylon material that is suitable for prototyping or low volume production of parts that need to bend or take impact. In order to obtain exceptional results, it is highly recommended to print using the Fuse 1+ 30W and optional inert atmospheric control.

Fill the gap between prototyping and end-use parts with Nylon 11

For prototypes that may experience drops or impacts, or for end-use parts that require extra resistance or thin walls, you may choose Nylon 11 SLS powder. This material helps fill the gap for prototyping and end-use applications that require higher ductility, impact resistance, and the ability to withstand wear and tear without brittle failure.

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Image shows a group of 3D-printed parts produced with Nylon 11 from Formlabs

Material Performance

Proto3000_Icons_Tensile Modulus

1.6 GPa

Proto3000_Icons_Tensile StrengthULTIMATE TENSILE STRENGTH
49 MPa

Proto3000_Icons_Tear StrengthELONGATION AT BREAK
XY: 40%

Proto3000_Icon_Temperature RaiseHEAT DEFLECTION TEMPERATURE @ 0.45 MPa
182 °C

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Why Choose Nylon 11 Powder


Nylon 11 is not only a versatile material with a wide range of applications, but compared to Nylon 12, it is more flexible, less brittle, and it has a refresh rate of 50% which translates into material cost savings.

  • High Ductility: Print end-use parts that can withstand wear and tear over time.
  • Thin Walls: Print enclosures, ducts, and other geometries with ease using Nylon 11 Powder.
  • Seamless Workflow: 3D print in-house using Nylon 11 Powder without the hassle of other SLS 3D printers.
  • Environmental Stability: Nylon 11 Powder prints absorb little moisture and resist light, heat, and chemicals.

Image shows a group of 3D-printed parts produced with Nylon 11 from Formlabs


Image shows tumbling machine parts 3D printed with Formlabs SLS Nylon powders

*Material properties may vary based on part design and manufacturing practices. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to validate the suitability of the printed parts for the intended use.


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