SLA Post-Processing

PostProcess® DEMI X 520

Engineered for Efficiency and Operators' Well-Being

PostProcess® is known for its continuous development of innovative technologies and systems for post-processing of 3D-printed parts without IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol). The new DEMI X 520 is unique in the SLA or CLIP additive manufacturing post-processing because it introduces the new Axial Flow Technology™, which, combined with the game-changing chemistry and customized AUTOMAT3D® software, it allows you not only to have a cost-effective production, but a safer one too.

PostProcess® RADOR™

High Throughput of Finished 3D Printed Parts in Just a Few Hours

How to post-process 3D prints and get excellent surface finish with RADOR from PostProcess Technologies® which utilizes software intelligence, hardware, and advanced vibratory technology to dually remove powder from and burnish printed parts. The secret behind this flexible automated solution is the Suspended Rotational Force (SRF) technology, which employs PostProcess' AUTOMAT3D software to create an effective friction force and suspend parts in a circulating motion. This movement ensures that every area of each part receives equal exposure to the finishing hardware. The rotary motion is kicked into gear by the machine’s vibratory tub. These vibrations are essential to RADOR’s effective powder removal and surface finishing capabilities.

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