SLS Post-Processing

Formlabs® Fuse Blast

Fully Automated Media Blaster

High-Performance Selective Laser Sintering Within Reach. Formlabs' Fuse Blast is an automated cleaning and polishing solution for SLS 3D-printed; it comes to complement the Selective Laser Sintering ecosystem along with Fuse 1+ 30W printer and Fuse Sift. Fuse Blast comes with pre-programmed cleaning routines that automatically process an entire build chamber in as little as 10 minutes, while media filtering reduces post-processing time on Fuse Sift by 80%.

Formlabs® Fuse Sift

The Key to Affordable, Industrial SLS 3D Printing

Fuse Sift by Formlabs is part of a complete SLS 3D printing workflow. The Fuse ecosystem makes possible the 3D-printing of industrial-grade parts. You can go from printing to finished parts in as little as 15 minutes, with an efficient, hands-off process.

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