RTV Molding Services
Create complex and intricate molded parts by using
3D Printing technology for the most precise results. 




 RTV Molding Services 


Room temperature vulcanization (RTV) molding, is also called resin casting or silicon molding. Proto3000 3D Engineering Solutions Inc. offers RTV Molding services for prototyping, functional testing, concept modeling and short-run production purposes. Create RTV Molds for your mass manufacturing projects within three to seven days while saving on the expensive costs of traditional RTV molding processes.

The traditional approach of RTV molding is to machine the patterns for a molded prototype, however, RTV Molding prototypes can also be created with 3D Printing technology.

The RTV Molding project in our header image has been created with 3D Laser scanning devices, additive manufacturing technology and display part finishing services. 
Prior to creating the 3D printed mold, we have scanned an already existing model with our 3D Laser Scanning devices. Once the model was digitally transformed into our engineer's computer screen, the molds could be designed around the model. We then 3D printed a prototype of the surrounding mold for further processing. 

The prototype of the RTV mold was used to create a prelim mold, which then was an aid to manufacture a wax master around the existing sand model (in this case, the business man in our header image). Once the wax master turned into a solid form, it was used to mass produce or create an exact replica of the existing 3D model of the business man.

Now, with 3D printing technology, silicone rubber molding is once again a competitive and attractive solution. This is because PolyJet and FDM Technology each reduce the time, labor and cost of silicone molding. 3D printing makes it possible to produce a prototype pattern for customer review, with a typical lead time of less than 24 hours. 

There are different ways of creating an RTV Mold for each client. For the most rapid and cost effective solution for YOUR project, please 

contact the Proto3000 Services Team for further information on how we can help you with this solution. 

If you want to speak to a LIVE PERSON - CALL 1-888-88-PROTO (77686).

RTV Molding is the Best fit for YOUR project, when: 
  1. The pattern is complex or intricate
  2. Challenging characteristics include thin walls or internal geometry
  3. Multiple duplicate RTV molds are required
  4. RTV rubber requires a high cure temperature
  5. Design changes are likely
  6. Patterns are large or bulky

The Benefits of using Polyjet 3D Printing for RTV Molding 

  1. Lead times reduced by 50 to 80 percent
  2. Cost reduced by 40 to 75 percent
  3. Creating inert models that won’t inhibit curing
  4. Creating stable models that won’t distort with heat
  5. Durable models are created that can be used many times
  6. You have the option of 3D printing dissolve–away internal cores 


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