Advanced 3D Metrology Solutions for Manufacturing

With metrology services from Proto3000 you can be assured that the physical parts and components you are creating are the accurate representation of your designs. With advanced and portable 3D scanning technology we are able to assist manufacturers, product designers, product developers, quality control teams, and inspection teams with reverse engineering and inspection applications. We have built a portfolio of solutions that can tackle tough engineering and manufacturing challenges regardless of size, environment, or complexity. Discover digital measurement and rely on the Proto3000 team for 3D metrology services projects that require accurate and reliable data.

Our Solutions

3D Scanning Quality Control and Inspection Services

3D Scanning Services

We offer non-destructive 3D scanning services to capture reliable and accurate surface data for a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and more. We’ll come on site, or ship your parts and components here

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Aircraft Interior 3D Scanning Reverse Engineering Inspection

Reverse Engineering Services

With reverse engineering services from Proto3000 you can digitize almost anything in workable 3D CAD data. We use advanced 3D scanner technology to capture high quality and resolution surface data on-site or at our facility.

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Creaform HandySCAN 3D Concept Development Reverse Engineering

Quality Control and Inspection Services

Product quality is central to your business and with inspection services from our team, you can be confident that your parts are produced within spec and are ready for the world. We use powerful inspection software and advanced 3D scanning technology.

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Metrology Technology

At Proto3000 we use advanced portable metrology technology to achieve the most accurate results in dynamic work environments. Our technology is trusted and certified by some of the most advanced manufacturing companies in the world including Airbus, BMW, General Electric and Rolls-Royce.

Portable 3D Scanners

Our portable 3D scanning systems allow us to complete metrology projects in the most dynamic environments with accuracy and high resolution.


Wireless CMM Probes

Our handheld and wireless optical CMM technology provide excellent measurement accuracy even in unstable environments.


MaxShot Optical Coordinate Measuring System


Our optical coordinate measuring system is designed for large-scale metrology projects that require additional accuracy.