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Rapid Prototyping Solutions At Proto3000

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How it Works

In the rapid prototyping world there are many processes and options available depending on a user's unique application. At the core of rapid prototyping lies the ability to produce replicate parts and models that mirror either the end-use part, or prototypes that act as part of a series in a new product development endeavor. The ability to prototype quickly and conveniently directly impacts any design or development process, resulting in both cost and time savings. 

Prototyping Processes 

PolyJet Technology works by jetting state of the art photopolymer materials in ultra-thin layers (16µ) onto a build tray layer by layer until the part is completed. The Technology was first created by Objet Geometries. This Polyjet Matrix Technology provided businesses and consumers alike with the tools to produce multi-material parts, however complex, in a timely manner. This technology is continuously improving, allowing for smaller machines, more accurate builds, and cost effective solutions.  
Stereolithography (SL or SLA) is an additive manufacturing technology for producing models, prototypes, patterns, and in some cases, production parts. This rapid prototyping process involves layering liquid photopolymer resin cured by a UV laser solidifying the final state. 
Selective laser sintering (SLS) is an additive manufacturing technique that uses a high power laser (for example, a carbon dioxide laser) to fuse small particles of plastic, metal (direct metal laser sintering), ceramic, or glass powders into a mass that has a desired 3-dimensional shape. 
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is an additive manufacturing technique commonly used in the rapid prototyping industry. It has a variety of applications but is most often used for modeling, prototyping and production applications. Fused deposition modeling is an additive process that layers the material to produce the finished prototype. A plastic or metal coil is unwound through a heated nozzle, melting the material in the desired shape. 














What Proto3000 Provides

Proto3000 offers the latest Rapid Prototyping Services with only the most advanced Direct-Digital-Manufacturing (DDM) equipment in today's high tech rapid product development industry. 

Proto3000 - 3D Engineering Solutions offers Rapid Prototyping Services to Industrial Designers, Product Designers, Product Engineers, Plastic Product Designers, Plastic Engineering Firms, Toy Designers, Automotive Designers, Consumer Product Designers, Dental Labs, Medical Device Developers, Sporting Equipment Product Designers, and much more. We are the Leading North American Rapid Prototyping Experts and leading the Product Development industry. Having many years of industry experience and knowledge with Plastic Prototyping Materials and 3D Reverse Engineering Solutions which makes us your number one choice. We will strive to deliver your Product Development Goals and deliver quality prototypes and a commitment to customer service and satisfaction, and our diligent efforts to become your research and development team.

All our Plastic, Rubber, Translucent and Clear Prototyping parts are as functional as the real injection-molded part, but without spending unnecessary recourses on injecting molds so you can test your idea. Our plastic prototype parts are durable as well as flexible if the need be. 


The Benefits of Rapid Prototyping

All our Plastic, Rubber, Translucent and Clear Prototyping parts are as functional as the end product, but without spending loads of money for injecting molds so you can test your idea. Our plastic prototype parts are durable as well as flexible if the need be. 

Rapid Prototyping Applications

Prototype parts that need to be or have the following:

  • Living hinges.
  • Snap fit Feature components.
  • Fluid Testing, as our prototypes can be transparent so you can see what goes on the inside.
  • Functioning Prototyping Springs.
  • Testing your CAD Design Model with a Prototype.
  • Plastic Prototyping Electronic Casings, so you can see if you can make your casing smaller. Bigger doesn't always mean better.
  • Use your 3D Prototyped parts for marketing and getting your idea across faster.


Common Applications that Proto3000 Provides

Prototyping Automotive aftermarket accessories
Prototyping Automotive plastic parts and plastic trim
Boxes and containers
Prototyping plastic and rubber Brackets
Cables & Clamps
Clothes Hangers
Prototyping Consumer products
Consumer Electronics
Conveyor Components
Electronics (consumer & industrial)

Prototyping Furniture components
Handles and knobs
Hospital equipment
Marine boating parts & accessories
Prototyping Medical equipment and components
Plumbing fixtures
Sports and recreation equipment
Telecommunications equipment
plastic and rubber components

Trophy and award components
Prototyping Valves and components
Surf boards
Scuba equipment
Mobile devices
Tie clips
Prototyping kitchen accessories
Kitchen gadgets
tool handles
prototyping packaging styrofoam

and much,much more...















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