The GO!SCAN 3D opens the door to so many digital
manufacturing possibilities. Let us show you...






Proto3000 introduces the Go!SCAN 3D from Creaform. It is the worlds fastest handheld and portable 3D Laser Scanner. It delivers highly accurate scan data in 3D for further post processing. It is easy to use and intuitive, which bodes well for any untrained scanner operator.
There is no extensive set up or training required, just plug and play! Powerful technology is literally at your fingertips as you can produce detailed results on the go, in unique surroundings, environments and tight spaces. This is the fastest path to 3D models possible as it completes direct mesh outputs as well!


What Proto3000 Provides

Here at Proto3000, we are your one stop shop for everything related to 3D Laser Scanning.

The Go!SCAN 3D:

  • Is Portable
  • Fast
  • Accurate and reliable 
  • Handheld, portable and lightweight
  • Point and shoot technology
  • Dynamic Referencing
  • Directly Outputs Mesh
  • Saves you time, effort and costs!

Contact us today to find out how how 3D Laser Scanning at Proto3000 works. 

Go!SCAN 3D - Applications

Here is the new Go!SCAN 3D. This is by far the fastest handheld white light 3D scanner on the market today, combining ease of use with reliable results. It features intelligent hybrid positioning and yields great results when used towards both industrial and non industrial applications. Its innovative technology bypasses preparation steps and specific setups and it provides a large scanning area and very fast measurement rate. You need simplified, quick, affordable and reliable 3D scanning? Go!SCAN 3D was designed with you in mind. 

Industrial Applications

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • Tool, Die and Molding Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Handmade and Clay Model Digitizing
  • Small Scale Production
  • Quality Control
  • Inspection

Other Applications

  • Heritage Preservation
  • Arts and Architecture
  • Education and research
  • Computer Graphics and VFX
  • Serious Gaming and Augmented (Virtual) Reality
  • Healthcare
  • Forensics and Insurance
  • Fashion and Clothing Design




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