Remote Access Software Application for 3D Measurements in the Field

VXremote is Creaform's remote access software application used to increase users’ efficiency in the field by providing fast and easy remote access to VXelements, the 3D software platform that powers Creaform’s entire fleet of 3D scanning and measurement technologies. VXremote enables users to better visualize real-time scanned data and change parameters—even when they are far from their laptops. It is particularly useful when scanning large objects or when the scanning has to be performed in constrained or remote areas.


VXremote features a simplified process to connect the tablet to the computer and does not require users to have an Internet access to log into their accounts. In addition, as VXremote is optimized with VXelements, it automatically diagnoses connection issues and provides detailed messages to help resolve issues. VXremote is also architecture-ready for future updates.

At the same time as the VXremote release, Creaform announced the availability of a brand-new 3D scanner external battery. This optional battery helps users to use Creaform’s 3D scanners when access to electricity is unavailable or too far away, which ultimately increases mobility for outdoor applications as well as scanning large parts or products that are in remote locations.




Remote Access

VXremote allows remote access to VXelement’s main functionalities on the field. No Internet access is required to log in.

Large Objects 

Easily scan large objects or when scanning is required in constrained or remote areas. Examples include: airplanes, cars, boats, large pipes, and outdoor installations. Conduct reverse engineering and quality control projects without sacrificing data quality.