Add a whole new dimension of applications.
Leverage NDT to find yours.



Non-Destructive Testing Applications



Pipeline Inspection

Test piping in remote or difficult to reach locations with portable scanners that capture geometrical data. Alter any aspect of a pipe on 3D CAD software to easily and affordably test pipelines.


Non-Contact Inspection

NDT does not harm the model being tested. From the created CAD file, deviations can be accounted for and any change can be made to your model before prototyping. NDT is in countless industries right now, including the aerospace, architecture, automotive, animation, body digitizing, consumer product, dental, heritage preservation, manufacturing, medical, multimedia, orthodontic, and 
research & development industries.


Industry Leading Inspection Software

Inspection reports can be generated automatically in a customized format to
include pictorial, tabulated and statistical
data, meeting the demands of design requirements and agreed International Standards.



Portable NDT scanners provide you with:

  • Rapid alignment even for complex freeform shapes
  • Inspection of user-defined sections
  • Ability to inspect along the edge of a part
  • Full geometric inspection capabilities
  • Automatic creation of inspection features from CAD nominals
  • CAD manipulation - including surface offsetting



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