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Non-Destructive Testing Services 


The Technology

As your partners in the NDT world, we realize that the digitalization of physical objects is important throughout many applications and industries.

3D Scanning is especially relied upon in industrial quality assurance testing to test object without harming them.

​This technology offers a relatively new way to test and improve designs without wasting physical resources.

​Our experts have years of experience and are ready to help any situation. We can help on-site or remotely, to best suit your needs.


What We Use 

The MetraSCAN is a powerful 3D laser scanning system. Co mbined with the HandyPROBE, this 3D laser scanning and metrology probing system can be used for a wide range of metrology applications. Data acquired by the 3d scanning device system may be processed in real time using any major inspection and metrology software.

The HandyPROBE is a portable measurement solution and probing system. This product relies on a unique combination of advanced photogrammetry and powerful digital image processing which generate high accuracy data, increased and speed of measurement process on or off the production line.


Collaboration Is Key

  • Improved Product Analysis

Execute accurate analysis on authentic parts - digitally. Evaluate true performance traits to compare with 3D CAD model analysis

  • Custom Developed Parts and Modifications

Enable complete product customization. Rapid Prototype and manufacture one of its products as your competitive advantage over mass producing a product

  • Quality Control Check

Contrast and evaluate accurate digital files with 3D CAD to guarantee prototypes exceed initial design and performance traits


Pipeline External Corrosion

3D scanning of pipelines to acquire data on external corrosion extent

Data analysis based on ASME B31G code to help determine proper pipe section remediation




Pipeline Mechanical Damage

  • 3D scanning of pipelines to assess mechanical damage (denting) and other imperfections
  • Strain analysis based on 3D data acquired

3D Modeling for Phased-Array Inspection

3D scanning of power generation components (nozzles, feeder tubes, etc.) to create 3D models for virtual simulations before phased-array inspections



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