Produce fast and reliable measurements with the most accurate portable 3D scanners on the market today.




3D Laser Scanning 


How It Works

3D Laser Scanners are commonly used for modeling three dimensional models for reverse engineering post processing Applications. The HandyScan 3D series of scanners offer self-positioning, truly portable handheld laser scanners that boast advanced technological innovations and offer powerful, efficient 3D features. 3D laser scanning allows the user to capture the physical properties of an object to the highest degrees of measurement and accuracy. The HandyScan line of 3D laser scanners exhibit the portability of this remarkable technology. Even the largest parts can be scanned with the mobility of HandyScan scanners. 3D laser scanning is used in various industries where product inspection and analysis are of the utmost importance. Proto3000 offers 3D laser scanners that have been designed to be easy to use, maximizing productivity and efficiency. The HandyScan lineup of 3D laser scanners lets you bring your metrology lab to wherever it is needed.

Unique in their design and engineering capabilities, 3D laser scanners use their specific optics to send trillions of light photons toward an object while receiving a small percentage of those photons back . Leveraging on that technique, 3D scanners can build 3D models of diverse object very quickly without the need for time consuming usage of traditional calipers. 3D scanners illustrate and describe the distance information of specific points to selected objects. Moreover, the 3D scanners' highly technological and scientific capabilities allow for photons to probe object surfaces at the speed of light.


How Proto3000 can assist you.

Proto3000 provides industry leading 3D Laser Scanning solutions. From entry level 3D Laser Scanners to dynamic 3D Laser Scanning software, Proto3000 is your one-stop-shop for everything in the 3D Laser Scanning world.


3D Laser Scanners

Entry-Level 3D Laser Scanner

The UniScan 3D laser scanner offers a powerful solution for cost-efficient 3D laser scanning. As the entry-level scanner in the HandyScan Line-Up, the UNIscan is an all purpose unit, offering the same self-positioning, handheld technology you need for many simple 3D product capturing applications.

Reverse Engineering 3D Laser Scanner

The first self-positioning and truly portable laser scanner, the REVscan offers an innovate, revolutionizing solution to your reverse engineering endeavors. With incomparable accuracy and power the REVscan takes shape acquisition and 3D inspection to the next level.

High Accuracy and Resolution 3D Laser Scanner for Inspection

The most flexible, freeform inspection tool on the market, the EXAscan 3D laser scanner allows for a high level of resolution and accuracy. Offering the same portability that you have come to expect from the HandyScan line-up of 3D laser scanners, this device makes carrying out 3D scanning projects more efficiently than ever before.

3D Laser Scanning for Large Parts

Designed for immense accuracy for the inspection of large and unique parts, the self-positioning, handheld, MAXscan 3D laser scanner from the HandyScan Line utilizes photogrammetry based technology to deliver precision. Bulkiness, large surface area, and extensive length are no longer an obstacle. 

Color 3D Laser Scanner

Introducing the next dimension of 3D Laser Scanning - Color! With the VIUscan 3D Laser Scanner it is finally possible to capture all the properties of an object, including its color. This self-positioning, handheld 3D laser scanner provides a quick, affordable, and highly accurate solution for color scanning. Great for capturing museum artifact objects in virtual 3D. Not a challenge for mobile archeology applications. So if you are the next Indiana Jones, this tool will be your 3D Tool of choice.

The Arm-Free Handheld 3D Laser Scanning System

Finally you can bring the Metrology Lab to anywhere you need it to be. Combined with the C-Track dual-camera sensor, the METRAScan 3D laser scanner provides unprecedented accuracy and speed. This powerful inspection tool is the complete 3D scanning solution. We applied the Metrascan on a vintage car, Checkout our NEWS section. Ask us how it works!

Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine

The HandyPROBE portable (CMM) coordinate measuring machine provides a cost effective solution to your Measurement Inspection Metrology needs. Combined with the C-Track dual-camera sensor, the HandyPROBE provides high accuracy measurements while increasing the speed and efficiency of the measurement process. Great for Mold inspection and high accuracy part expectations.

3D Optical Coordinate Measuring System

This complementary product to our 3D laser scanner lineup adds the accuracy and speed of photogrammetry to any scanning application. This user-friendly tool provides an easy solution for generating high accuracy positioning models of objects.

VXtrack Dynamic Tracking Module

One of the key components of TRUaccuracy technology, the VXtrack can be used to simultaneously and continuously measure positions and orientations in space with great precision. Combined with a portable coordinate measuring system, like the HandyProbe, the VXtrack provides the complete portable 3D measuring solution. Ask us if this will work for your 3D Application.

3D Laser Scanning Software

To ensure smooth and efficient start up, Proto3000 provides its customers with the VXElements data software system that is available for every Handyscan 3D lineup product. VX Elements is a fully integrated 3D data acquisition software that allows the execution of the measurement technologies provided by Proto3000. The platform is comprised of 4 software modules:


VXscan is a 3D Laser Scanning software dedicated to the acquisition and optimization of 3D scanning data. It offers a high quality solution, yet it is simple and user-friendly. This software offers a surface optimization algorithm that avoids the creation of multiple scan layers.


The VXprobe module is a software section within VXelements that allows the user to interact with the data acquired from using a HandyPROBE 3D laser scanner, and share it with other VX element software, or third-party applications. It is through this software module that the user had access to the calibration functions of both the HandyPROBE and C-Track system.


The new VXtrack module adds dynamic tracking capability to the C-Track line of dual camera sensors. This software now has the capability to record 30-3D images-per second of a reflector or set of reflectors in real time. This enables to user to conduct studies of a variety of applications involving motion tracking. For instance, tracking a robotic arm in the automated high-precision manufacturing processes is one of the key applications this software allows.


VXshot is a user-friendly software that features an extremely simple yet effective data acquisition process. Unlike other 3D laser scanner systems on the market where data is partially contingent upon the operator's experience and technique, the HandyScan line-up of 3D laser scanners and the software that is included is user friendly, and easy to operate.



Having a digital copy of the physical world can be of benefit to many designers and product developers. The HandyScan line-up of 3D Laser Scanners has a scanner for everyone. Whether you are looking for colour 3D laser scanning, metrology applications, inspection, tooling inspection, mold and Die inspection or simply a CAD file from which you can rapid prototype or post process, a 3D laser scanner can be an asset in your business process.

Mobile 3D scanners are commonly used to acquire the distinct coordinates of millions of points of an object in order to directly generate a polygonal mesh of the part and recreate it in 3D. 3D Laser Scanners help conceive, conceptualize and create complex forms, or present a visual interpretation of a project, item or idea. With the high -tech models produced by the 3D scanners, reproduction or tracing of shapes and objects becomes faster and more efficient. Widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries as aides in design and product development, the 3D scanners are also quite commonly found in the entertainment industry-used to digitalize 3D models for movies and video games, for example. Additionally,3D scanners are increasingly utilized in the health sector (specifically orthotics) to capture a 3D shape of the patients. In basic terms: Scan your part in 3D in Real Time! 


Trends, Applications, History and Outlook

The following parts that have been scanned in 3D for Reverse Engineering purposes and applications:

Automotive aftermarket accessories, Automotive parts and trim, Bearings, Plastic Containers and Boxes, Brackets, Bumpers, Bushings, Casters, Cables & Clamps and Hoists, Clothes Hangers, Connectors, Consumer products, Conveyor Components, Electronics (consumer & industrial), Fasteners, Furniture components, Gears, Air Conditioning components, Computer casings, frames, human hand, human face for animation, airplane parts, handcrafted wooden masks, Handles and knobs, Hospital equipment, Lids, Marine parts & accessories, Medical equipment and components, Plugs, Plumbing fixtures, Spools, Sports and recreation equipment, Trophy and award components, Valves and components, Wheels, Alcohol Pouring systems, Beer on tap pouring levers, Liquor bottle shelf holders, Packaging design, custom adult toy devices, Custom sign logo, architectural gargoyles, crown moldings, figurines, statues, bronze objects, holiday ornaments, molds, patterns for consumer products, textures for food decoration, mould inspection, toys, children products, etc.



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