Dimensioning And Tolerancing

Recording Accurate Measurements of Your Prototypes.









Dimensioning and Tolerancing Services by Proto3000

Dimensioning and Tolerancing is a 3D laser scanning inspection service Proto3000 offers as part of our 3D Engineering Solutions. 
The Service requires our Engineering team to 3D laser scan your prototype in order to record measurements and create a report for you. 



Here is how Dimensioning and Tolerancing works 

After the Proto3000 Services Team records the probing data, they will create an inspection report, which define and convey engineered tolerancing. For a dimensioning and tolerancing report our Engineers use 3D laser scanners and probing devices to create 3D Models that explicitly describe nominal geometry and its allowable variation. Prior to mass producing your prototype the Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing report tells the engineering staff how accurate and precise the parts of your 3D Models need to be and define allowable variation of its features.


Please feel free to contact our Reverse Engineering Services TEAM and receive a FREE QUOTE. 
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