17-4 PH Stainless Steel (DM Production System)


17-4 PH Stainless Steel

Acid & Corrosion Resistant Steel Alloy
for Industrial Applications

17-4 PH Stainless Steel is a martensitic precipitation-hardened steel. Thanks to the Single Pass Jetting™ technology of the Production Systems, this steel is used in various industrial applications including those with mildly corrosive environments and high-strength requirements.

Speed. Quality. Cost-per-Part.
Better than traditional manufacturing.


The 17-4 PH Stainless Steel alloy for 3D printing on the Production Systems™ allows companies to quickly and efficiently produce custom parts that cannot be made through conventional manufacturing. Many applications that suppose mildly corrosive environments and high-strength can take advantage of this alloy’s mechanical properties.

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Surgical Tooling

BMW Water Wheel_DM

BMW Water Wheel

Manufacturing - Automotive 17-4 PH

The waterwheel is an integral part of BMW’s engine cooling system.

Full Description

This integral part of BMW’s engine cooling system was originally made of several plastic parts therefore BMW redesigned it for printing on a laser-based system. It turned out that the process was too slow and expensive for mass production.

The Production system ensures higher throughput, allowing the part to be manufactured at a competitive price.

  • Size (mm): 63 x 63 x 34
  • Cost per part ($): 9.74
  • Parts per build: 170
  • Annual throughput: 63,230

Single Pass Jetting™

Surgical_Nozzle production system

Surgical Tool Nozzle

Healthcare 17-4 PH

Nozzle used during surgery; customized for each patient.

Full Description

To produce this surgical nozzle in the traditional way, complex machining operations with multiple fixturing setups would be needed. With Production System™, all those steps can be eliminated which means diminishing costs.

This nozzle is specifically designed for each patient with a customized internal channel. With no tooling, the ProductionSystem allowed for this part to be mass customized and manufactured.



Size (mm): 27 x 47 x 21
Cost per part ($): 1.91
Parts per build: 860
Annual throughput: 400,140


Single Pass Jetting™

VW_Audi_Fixture-Production System

Audi Fixture

Manufacturing - Automotive 17-4 PH

This custom manufacturing fixture was created for use on an Audi production line.

Full Description

This fixture would normally be manufactured in multiple pieces and welded together because of complex internal conformal cooling channels that span the base and the wall. It would be too expensive and time-consuming to scale if the production volume increases.

Using the Production System, the Audi fixture was printed as a single part with cooling channels intact thus reducing part cost, lead time, and manufacturing complexity.

  • Size (mm): 127 x 51 x 38
  • Cost per part ($): 19.18
  • Parts per build: 110
  • Annual throughput: 41,500

Single Pass Jetting™

Parking_Brake_Housing_production system

Parking Shift Bracket

17-4 PH Stainless Steel

This bracket is used in the parking brake assembly of a continuously variable transmission.

Full Description

With traditional powder metallurgy techniques, this part would need a complex die and multiple operations to be produced. The Production System™ enables the redesign of this part to consolidate an assembly into a single part with no tooling, and reduced lead times and costs.

  • Size (mm): 93 x 44 x 12
  • Cost per part: $2.84
  • Parts per build: 680
  • Annual throughput: 248,980
  • Binder Jetting Technology™


nTopology-Gear_Production System

Ntopology Gear

Engineering Design 17-4 PH

The nTopology gear features a complex internal lattice structure only achievable via 3D printing.

Full Description

This part features a complex lattice structure used to lightweight the part while still providing strength.

With Production System™ you can manufacture complex geometries that cannot be produced any other way.

  • Size (mm): 63 x 63 x 12.5
  • Cost per part ($): 6.09
  • Parts per build: 460
  • Annual throughput: 165,980

Single Pass Jetting™

Power_Steering_Joint_Production System

Power Steering Joint

Manufacturing - Automotive 17-4 PH

This part is designed to power transfer in an electric power steering system.

Full Description

This joint is used for power transfer between an electric power steering motor and the steering shaft in an automobile. The Production System made it possible for this part to be produced with no tooling, allowing for accelerated lead time and flexible design.

  • Size (mm): 36 x 36 x 22
  • Cost per part ($): 1.89
  • Parts per build: 1,140
  • Annual throughput: 470,424

Single Pass Jetting™

Material Properties


Proto3000_Icons_Tensile Strength

900±20 MPa


Proto3000_Icons_Tensile Modulus

655±26 MPa


Proto3000_Icons_Elongation at Break





Performance Scale

Corrosion Resistance
Acid Resistance

 Make Metal Work Faster

No more waiting for machined or cast parts. Iterate faster by printing highly complex metal parts without leaving the office.


Technical Specifications

Production System™
ASTM B883/MPIF 35 min
Production System™
H900 Heat Treated
ASTM B883 / MPIF 35
H900 Heat Treated
Ultimate Tensile Strength
900 ± 20 MPa 790-900 MPa 1,315 ± 45 MPa 1,070 - 1,190 MPa  
Yield Strength
655 ± 26 MPa 650-730 MPa 1,130 ± 42 MPa 970 - 1,090 MPa  
Elongation at Break
10.9 ± 0.9% 4-6% 8.4± 2.4% 6%  
Young's Modulus1
N/A 180 - 190 GPa N/A N/A 1Modulus available upon request
Hardness (HRC), ASTM E18
29.5 ± 1.5 27 42.5 ± 0.4 35  
Density (g/cm3)
7.7 7.5 7.7 7.5  
Surface Roughness2 (µm Ra)
3 - 8 N/A 3 - 8 N/A 2Surface roughness measured in Z direction after sintering & sand blasting.