Full-Scale Production Metal 3D Printing at 100x the Speed

Introducing the Desktop Metal Production 3D Printer. The first 3D printing system designed for throughput and mass production, 3D print with real metal at scale and 100x faster speeds.

Designed For Throughput

The Production System from Desktop Metal is the first metal 3D printer for mass production. Experience the most advanced engineering innovation made to delivery speed, quality, and cost-per-part needed to compete with traditional manufacturing processes.

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Key Features

Single Pass Jetting

Created by the inventors of the binder jetting and single pass inkjet processes, the Production system utilizes a new approach to metal 3D printing called Single Pass Jetting (SPJ) which builds metal parts in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

100x Faster

The SPJ process delivers high speeds of up to  8200 cm³/hr- a hundred times faster than laser-based systems. It is definitively the most efficient way to manufacture complex metal parts as it does not require any tooling.

20x Lower Cost

The low cost of MIM powder combined with high throughput and a simple post-processing method delivers a cost-per-part that is highly competitive with traditional manufacturing processes. This results in an operating cost of up to twenty times lower than competing metal 3D printing systems.


Single Pass Technology

  • Bi-directional jetting process combining necessary steps for printing when in movement

  • 32,000 jets work together with powder spreaders inside two full-width print bars- resulting in jetting millions of droplets per second

High-Density Nesting

  • Parts created are surrounded by loose powder, enabling full use of the build envelope and higher productivity per build

  • Advanced software automatically arranges parts to maximize build areas in all axes

Build Area

330 x 330 x 330 mm 


<50um voxels


up to 8200 cm3/hr

 Make Metal Work Faster

No more waiting for machined or cast parts. Iterate faster by printing highly complex metal parts–without leaving the office.



Competitive Cost-Per-Part

The DM Production System is ideal for producing complex, high-performance metal parts at high volumes. As tooling is not required, the printer can outperform traditional manufacturing processes such as casting while benefiting from additive manufacturing technology such as mass customization.

Cost Comparison

Desktop Metal brings innovation from low-run applications in industries such as aerospace and automotive. Parts like the water pump impeller shown above can be produced at a lower cost per part than the traditional processes. This graph represents the total cost-per-part, factoring in all cost steps and details.


Superior Properties

Similar to metal injection molding (MIM), the Desktop Metal Production System leverages bulk sintering to achieve densities greater than 98%. Part performance is similar to wrought alloys and it is possible to tune part density with closed-cell infill.

Materials Available

17-4 PH Stainless
316L Stainless
H13 Tool Steel
4140 Chrome Moly
Inconel 625 Superalloy
Kovar F-15

Additional Materials: By enabling the use of metal powders from the MIM industry, our systems have access to a wide range of existing materials—from steels and aluminum to superalloys and titanium.

Near-Net-Shape Parts

The Desktop Metal Production System produces near-net-shape metal parts with the accuracy and layer resolution needed for functional prototyping and a variety of other applications. A seamless 3D printing experience, from printing through to sintering, is created with powerful software and automatic support generation.

Tight Tolerances
± .002 in/in (geometry dependent)

Remove Supports by Hand

The Desktop Metal Production System does not require any wire EDM or machining to remove support structures. Proprietary separable supports make it possible to remove support by hand because it is no bonded to the part. As a result, highly complex parts and print-in-place assemblies can be easily printed and put to use.

The Workflow

The Desktop Metal Production System is the only complete solution for mass production of metal 3D printing. By delivering speed, quality, and cost-per-part, you have precise control of the entire workflow, from concept to fully finished metal 3D printed part.

Digital Model

The software accepts native CAD file formats–not just STL. Web-based, it runs on a remote or local server so that it is possible to manage jobs from any device securely.

Green Part

Similar to FDM, the Production system shapes a “green” part layer-by-layer by heating and extruding specially formulated bound metal rods. The green part can be easily sanded by hand.

Sintered Part

A portion of the plastic binder is first removed. The furnace then heats the part to temperatures near melting, causing the metal powder to densify to 96-99.8%.

Finished Part

Apply optional finishing methods such as machining or bead blasting for critical tolerances and finishes. Supports are removed by hand.

Bring Affordable Metal 3D Printing In-House