316L Stainless Steel (DM Studio System)

A Desktop Metal® qualified material
for the Studio System™

316L stainless steel is a fully austenitic, non-magnetic steel. The austenitic alloy contains a high percentage of nickel and chromium, thus making this steel resistant to corrosion. It is ideal for harsh environments and is characterized by its performance at both high and low temperatures and high ductility.

A fully austenitic stainless steel

316L is a molybdenum-bearing, fully-austenitic stainless steel. It’s known for its excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties at both high and low temperatures.



Industry Applications


316L stainless steel is a common material used in many applications, such as chemical and petrochemical processing, food processing, laboratory equipment, medical devices, marine, jewelry, power generation, petroleum refining, water treatment, pulp and paper manufacturing.

Proto3000_Icon_Marine Navy Industry




Proto3000_Icon_Food Packaging Processing

Food Processing

Production Control icon

Laboratory Equipment


Medical Devices

Proto3000_Icon_Turbine Vane

Power Generation


Petroleum Refining

Proto3000_Environmental icon

Water Treatment

Proto3000_Icon_Long Chain Chemistry

Chemical and Petrochemical Processing


Pulp and Paper Manufacturing

UHT Atomizer_STUDIO system

UHT Atomizer

Material: 316L Stainless Steel

This part is a fuel atomizer for a steam boiler on a liquid natural gas (LNG) tanker that was 3D printed on a Studio System 2™.

Full Description

This 3D-printed atomizer features complex internal channels and oblong-shaped holes, which could not be manufactured with traditional methods. With the Studio System, the engineers were able to redesign their conventional atomizers for significantly better performance.

  • Size: 74 x 74 x 71 mm
  • Cost to print: $129.00
  • Cost to DMLS: $1089.00
  • Cost reduction: 88.00%
  • Bound Metal Deposition™

Rook_chess piece STUDIO_system 316L

Rook Chess Piece

Material: 316L Stainless Steel

Unique chess piece designs can easily be 3D printed without the long lead times and costs associated with tooling.

Full Description

The Studio System’s high-resolution print head produces small parts with fine features and surface finish such as this type of movable object used in the game of chess.

  • Size: 46 x 46 x 72 mm
  • Cost to print: $46.00
  • Cost to machine: $329.67
  • Cost reduction: 52.68%
  • Bound Metal Deposition™


Flower Nozzle

Industrial Equipment 316L Stainless Steel

This flower nozzle was 3D printed with Desktop Metal Studio System 2™ and it is used to atomize fluid in industrial equipment.

Full Description

Due to the complex geometry, this type of part would typically be cast followed by extensive secondary machining. With the Studio System 2™, the nozzle can be 3D printed without the lead times and setup costs of casting, enabling one-off and small-batch orders.

  • Size (mm): 123 x 123 x 45
  • Cost to print ($): 184.00

Bound Metal Deposition™

Material Performance

XY AXIS Proto3000_Icons_Tensile Strength

533 MPa


Proto3000_Icons_Tensile Modulus

169 MPa

Proto3000_Icons_Elongation at Break

66%, ASTM E8M


Proto3000_Icons_Tensile Strength

66, ASTM E18

Performance Scale

Corrosion Resistance
Mechanical Properties (Low & High Temperatures)

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Technical Specifications

Mechanical Properties (as sintered)
Mechanical Properties (as sintered)
  • Ultimate tensile strength: 533 MPa
  • Yield strength: 169 MPa
  • Elongation: 66%
  • Hardness (HRB): 66
  • Density (relative): 97%
Mechanical Properties (MIM - MPIF 35 Min; sintered)
Mechanical Properties (MIM - MPIF 35 Min; sintered)
  • Ultimate tensile strength: 450 MPa
  • Yield strength: 140 MPa
  • Elongation: 40%
  • Hardness (HRB): 67 (typ)
  • Density (relative): 95%

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