Produce fast and reliable measurements with the most accurate NDT equipment on the market today.



Non-Destructive Testing 

How It Works


Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is a form of testing that does not harm the part under examination. Whether it is a digital, or software based test or a field test with a laser scan, your product will not be harmed, while results are still delivered to you.


What Proto3000 Provides


We have the most up to date 3D Laser scanners, which are completely portable. We offer 3D Laser Scanning Field Work – that is, a portable 3D Laser Scanner can be brought on-site to scan and analyze your model. Our in-house experts can help you with any issue you may encounter during this process.

Furthermore, with our industry leading 3D CAD software, you can simulate virtually any test scenario. From wind tunnels, to drops and collisions, to forces (gravity, torsion, temperature variance, etc), we can generate analytics for your model without harming it whatsoever.




You will save both money and time by performing Non Destructive Testing. NDT allows for reverse engineering opportunities and model recalibration in real-time. You will not have to go back to the drawing board or manufacturing companies to generate a new prototype. This cost and time effective method of testing is a growing industry. With our in-house experts, we can help troubleshoot any issues you may run into with friendly and effective customer service.


Trends, Applications, History and Outlook


Non Destructive Testing is used to guarantee model quality and security, enhance manufacturing and extending product and equipment life cycles. Non Destructive Testing can be performed on just about any material or surface. Many NDT inspections are performed during construction and prior to operation start-ups. The safety of the public is at stake in virtually all cases where NDT is applied.


What Industries and Applications use Non-Destructive Testing?


Non Destructive Testing is applicable in almost every industry. This includes; oil and gas (piping, especially), automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, medical, food, architecture and production. An example of non-destructive testing in the automotive industry would be car tires, as they necessitate Non Destructive Testing before being made available to the public.


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