The Fastest Metal 3D Printing Technology

The Desktop Metal  Production Series of high-speed metal binder jetting 3D printers offer the capacity, speed, and material variety to meet the demands of mass manufacturing.

Shop System™ by Desktop Metal

A metal binder-jetting 3D printer designed for machine shops

As the first binder jetting system designed for machine shops, Shop SystemTM lets your shop take advantage of affordable, high-quality binder jetting technology. It prints end-use metal parts with unrivaled speed, print quality and productivity. A complete, end-to-end solution, the Shop SystemTM includes a printer, powder station and furnace, and easily integrates with your existing shop operations.

Desktop Metal Production System™

High-speed, high-resolution metal additive manufacturing

The Desktop Metal P-1 and P-50 Production 3D Printers are the first metal additive manufacturing systems designed for mass production. Powered by single-pass binder jetting technology, the Production System is the fastest way to produce complex metal parts at scale.

desktop metal P1 production system metal 3d printer

Desktop Metal P-1 Production System™

Designed to bridge the gap between benchtop development and mass production, the P-1 offers the same excellent part quality as the P-50 with enhanced process flexibility.

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desktop metal production system p-50 single pass binder jetting metal 3d printer

Desktop Metal P-50 Production System™

The fastest way to 3D print metal parts at high volumes, the P-50 can achieve speeds up to 100x faster than traditional laser powder bed fusion technologies.

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