Repair, Edit, Fix, and Optimize .STL Files for 3D Printing

Our CAD data file preparation and optimization software empower you to get the most out of your additive manufacturing investment. With our suite of software tools from Materialise, Stratasys, and Makerbot, you will be able to prepare your files for 3D printing, make enhancements and modifications to your CAD files, repair and edit STIL files, and apply complex textures and lattice structures to lightweight parts or achieve your desired aesthetic results.

File Preparation and Optimization Software


Say goodbye to operators' burden or process inefficiency. Just Fabricate®.

Fabricate® MFG

Optimize Projects on Desktop Metal Binder Jetting Platforms

Live Sinter

Simulation software to predict & correct warpage or cracking during the sintering process

Materialise e-Stage

Automate the creation of support structures when 3D printing with resin and metal 3D printers

Materialise Magics

Repair, Edit, Enhance, Customize and Prepare your 3D Designs for 3D Printing

GrabCAD Print

Professional 3D Printing Made Easy and Accessible

GrabCAD Voxel Print

Creating & Designing With Absolute Control

MakerBot Print

3D Printing Management Software to get the Most our of Your MakerBot 3D Printers

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