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The Best 3D Printing Technology by Proto3000

Objet's family of 3D Printers pushes the power to create into the hands of their users. These 3D printing systems bring high-resolution, multi-material capabilities and fine-detailed model creation into office environments. Designers, engineers, and innovators alike are now able to conceptualize their designs in a tangible form, adjusting and improving both design and functionality. Objet's patented PolyJetTM and PolyJet Matrix technology provides a complete 3D printing solution for virtually any rapid prototyping application. With a wide range of materials, the product development cycle is cut short; with end-use parts and functional prototypes right at your fingertips. Objet Studio Software guarantees that your models are printed smoothly and accurately with the right distribution of materials. 







With Objet's families of 3D Printers, there is a solution for various rapid prototyping needs, as well as a system that fits the environment it is needed in. With the Desktop family, office friendly 3D printing is taken to the next level. These smaller 3D printers are designed for restrictions in space, but never compromising the quality of prototypes. The Eden family is a solution meeting a variety of needs, including build tray specifications, productivity or set budgets. The compact design and clean process of all Eden 3D printers make them ideal for any office environment. Finally, the Connex Family is the ultimate in 3D printing capability. With unmatched accuracy, and multi-material capabilities, there is virtually no limits to the rapid prototyping possibilities that the Connex holds. 



Proto3000 - Your Authorized Objet 3D Printer Distributor

As a firm striving to provide 3D engineering solutions for your business and personal needs, Proto3000 believes in only providing the best in innovation, efficiency and value. Objet 3D Printers are by far the top of the line in the rapid prototyping industry. With versatile performance, and office friendly design, the Objet line of 3D printers provides solutions in every market. Some of the most successful companies in the world have already employed the use of Objet 3D printers in their product development and design endeavors. Proto3000 offers rapid prototyping services if you are looking to see what our 3D printers can do for you, but if you are already familiar with the technology and looking to purchase a 3D system, feel free to contact us

We also have Objet 3D printing systems in house. To truly understand the technology behind these machines, it is best to see them in action. Proto3000 holds open houses to showcase the engineering solutions we provide, as well as give you a first hand look at our newest technology. By joining our e-newsletter club, we provide updates to events and new product launches.   



Desktop 3D Printer Family

The OBJET Desktop 3D Printer delivers a unique combination of high-quality, finely detailed models in a compact, office-friendly system – Just the technology you need to shorten design cycles and propel your business forward. It offers true-to-life models that feature fine details, smooth surfaces, and even small, moving parts. Printing in 28 micron layer thickness, produces fully cured models that can be handled immediately, without additional post-curing.

With the OBJET 3-Dimensional Printing System, you can print high-quality 3D models in the high detail that today’s market demands – easily and cost effectively. The lightweight design and the clean process of the OBJET makes it ideal for any office environment.

The Objet Desktop 3D Printer family includes:

This family of 3D printers is designed to provide accessibility to 3D Printing right when it is needed. There is no more need for outsourced work, and everyday 3D printing needs are easily resolved. The Objet Desktop line brings advanced 3D printing within the reach of designers, engineers, and consultants without having to leave the office. Increase productivity in not just product development, but the act of rapid prototyping itself, that's double the efficiency!


The Benefits of the Desktop Family of 3D Printers includes:

  • Affordable solution leveraging Objet PolyJet™ Technology
  • Best-in-class solution that is more accurate that competitor 3D Printers
  • Single material optimized for various functions
  • Suitable for any environment including office, lab or workshop

Material Capability:

  • VeroWhitePlus
  • VeroBlue
  • VeroBlack
  • Vero Gray
  • DurusWhite


High Accuracy 3D Printing for Your Office or Product Development Studio

Eden 3D Printing Systems

Eden 3-Dimensional Printing Systems offer unprecedented return on investment (ROI) for professional rapid prototyping applications. Printing with the high accuracy of ultrathin 16µ layers, all Eden systems produce models with exceptionally fine details and smooth surfaces. With the Eden 3-Dimensional Printing Systems family, you can select the system that best fits your needs, whether in build size, productivity or budget requirements. The compact design and the clean process of all Eden systems makes them ideal for any office environment.

The Eden family includes:

Connex 3D Printers for Multi-Material Parts

Objet’s Connex family of multi-material 3D printing systems is based on Objet’s unique PolyJet Matrix™ Technology. The Connex family offers the completely unique ability to print parts and assemblies made of multiple model materials, with different mechanical or physical properties, all in a single build. Going even further, the Connex family of multi-material 3D printers can also fabricate Digital Materials™ on the fly, enabling users to create composite materials that have preset combinations of mechanical properties. The Connex family of 3D Printing Systems works with FullCure model and support materials and Objet Studio for Connex™ software.

The Connex family includes:



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