Many post secondary education institutes use our 3D Printers and 3D engineering solutions for various tasks, projects and needs.

These schools include:

   - University of Toronto
   - McGill University

   - Simon Fraser University
   - University of British Columbia
   - York University
   - University of Alberta
   - University of Manitoba
   - University of Saskatchewan
   - Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

How do different educational institutions use 3D engineering?

Art Schools

- 3D scanning (color or not) of 3D artwork
- Post-processing of files artwork rescaling or rapid prototyping
- 3D archiving (virtual portfolios, etc.)


Architecture/Design Schools

- Scale-ups/downs of architectural models through 3D scanning
- 3D archiving of architectural models
- Restorations of existing buildings according to original plans
- Building impairment assessment


Engineering Schools

- 3D scanning teaching and training tools (design, analysis and inspection applications)
- Easily carried to classrooms, workshops and between buildings
- Research assistance tool for students and faculty
- Arm-free probing inspection teaching and training tool (metrology applications)
- Design of related components
- Reverse engineering


3D Printers

Reverse Engineering Software


3D Laser Scanners

3D CAD Mouse

Inspection Software

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