Design your products for maximum efficiency from both the design and production standpoint

  • This is commonly translated into elements that are small in size and that require fine details and high accuracy, which is where Objet shines
  • Print thin walls - 0.6mm and even thinner
  • Print with unparalleled accuracy (+/- 0.1mm)

Proto3000 assists numerous areas of the Medical industry, such as:

  • Implants
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Clinical laboratory instruments
  • Surgical devices
  • Pharmaceutical packaging

Our biocompatible materials provide the medical industry with the ability to test prototypes in environments which match those of the end product

Orthosis/Prosthesis Fitting

  • Scanning of body parts for custom and comfortable orthosis/prosthesis manufacturing (no plaster involved)
  • Data transfer to computer-assisted design (CAD) applications for design, measurement, rectification, retrofit, and production
  • 3D Archiving (no more casts to store in warehouse)

Plagiocephaly treatment

  • Scanning of a baby's head for soft helmet fitting purposes
  • Follow-up scanning of the head to track improvements

Aesthetics Prosthesis

  • 3D scanning of a sane remaining body part
  • Data processing of a 3D scan file to generate "mirrored file" used in the creation of a prosthesis showing the exact patient's body characteristics
  • Tests like cytotoxicity, irritation, sensitization, USP Class VI, among others can be performed
  • This provides medical experts with the ability to undertake advanced experiments using Objet-printed models

Wound Care

  • Color and texture scanning of wound for follow-up on healing


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Dental Equipment

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