From golf clubs to football helmets, from soccer cleats to cricket bats, you can print any prototype in 3D to meet unique specifications

  • Scan any object (for example, a helmet) and enhance certain features or add new elements to customize your design or improve on previous designs
  • Create a database of virtual products that are easily organized, accessible and ready to edit
  • Before executing live tests, perform Non-Destructive Tests virtually on industry leading software before production and printing
  • Proto3000 offers you cost and time effective solutions to help you with all aspects of your product development lifecycle

3D Engineering has helped Olympic athletes on many occasions as well! Reverse engineering equipment to create a perfectly fitting model has been documented in kayaking, athletics, cycling and many many more sports!

3D Printers

Reverse Engineering Software


3D Laser Scanners

3D CAD Mouse

Inspection Software

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