How Landing Gears Are Made and Inspected with 3D Scanners

how landing gears are made 3d scanning in aerospace creaform

How Landing Gears Are Made and Inspected with 3D Scanners


If you’re interested in what goes behind the making of complex, highly-sensitive systems, then take a look at Safran, the French world leader in aerospace landing gear systems. The company recently released a video which was titled Birth of a Landing Gear. It presents the whole process deemed necessary to deliver such a sophisticated system; from engineering to the final customers assembly line.

The crucial quality check step features Creaform MetraSCAN 3D performing industrial quality control tests. Multiple inspection steps are required throughout the production process, as it would be with any manufactured part – especially with components as fundamental as aircraft landing gears. This ensures full compliance of the part. Precision is also crucial as measurement deviations as small as a single millimeter could result in disastrous consequences.  Manufacturers should avoid delayed production and important monetary losses for them, but also to end-customers and other suppliers alike.

Metrascan Landing Gear Scanning 3D Scanners


Perks of a Fully Integrated Inspection Solution

Manufacturing leaders require their metrology equipment to be located directly in the production environment, thus making it possible to closely follow the industrial cycle and detect any potential defects in the early stages.

Other crucial requirements are for metrology solutions to be extremely precise, independent of user skills, and automated as much as possible. Optical CMM scanners like the MetraSCAN 3D R-Series is kept in optimizing industrial quality control.


Metrascan Landing Gear Scanning 3D Scanners 2


A strong robot mounted optical CMM 3D scanner can certainly save time, without having to compromise accuracy. Along with operating interface which minimizes human intervention, as well as a robust 3D inspection software. Not only does this increase productivity, but it also assists manufacturers delver parts that fully comply with quality standards. Parts with complex shapes like landing gears don’t affect the inspection process.

An automated quality control solution, like CMM, is an excellent addition to any industrial production environment. It ensures manufacturers that their product is delivering the expected performance, while integrating seamlessly with the processes in place.

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