Creaform Introduces Go!SCAN SPARK: The Easiest & Fastest 3D Scanning Solution

Go!Scan Spark automotive scan

Creaform Introduces Go!SCAN SPARK: The Easiest & Fastest 3D Scanning Solution


Creaform’s newest generation of scanner, the Go!SCAN SPARK 3D is easy to use, has unparalleled speed, and a 3D scanning experience that is specifically tailored to the product engineers and designers.

Creaform, an international leader in automated and portable 3D measurement solutions, has now released the newly re-engineered Go!SCAN 3D™: the Go!SCAN SPARK™. This scanner is Creaform’s third-generation version of their patented professional-grade Go!SCAN 3D portable 3D scanner that was specially designed for product development professionals who require an effective and efficient portable scanner in order to gather 3D data of a physical object in any place at any time. The Go!SCAN SPARK joins their lineup of industry-leading portable handheld 3D Scanners and Portable CMMs.


Go!Scan Spark scanner in action chair scan


Creaform’s Go!SCAN SPARK has four inline cameras for rapid color acquisition and 3D scanning. It also highlights an ergonomic design that will allow users for a more comfortable experience- the ability to hold the scanner in different types of hand positions. In addition to this, the Go!SCAN SPARK allows for full-field dimensional measurements on a wide variety of textures and surfaces for varied product development applications


Go!Scan Spark Portability scan car


An Effective tool to Expedite Product Time-to-Market

  • Plug & Play: Easy to get started, no setup is required. Powerful positioning using color, geometry & targets.
  • 4X better resolution: Brilliant scan quality with immaculate tracking on geometry and color texture.
  • 3X faster measurement speed & instant workable files: Scanning area highlights 99 stripes that take up to 1,500,000 measurements per second, thereby reducing the time to get usable mesh files, which users can import into 3D modelling and 3D printing software without post-processing.
  • 2X more accurate: Dependable measurements of up to 0.050 mm



The Case for 3D Scanning in Product Development Workflows

“The work of product designers and engineering has greatly evolved over the past few decades. Today, product development teams are under increasing pressure to innovate more quickly, work with multidisciplinary, remote teams and launch products faster than ever before,” said Simon Côté, Product Manager at Creaform. “Go!SCAN SPARK generates quality 3D models, facilitates the design iteration process, mitigates errors and speeds up reverse engineering. Without a doubt, the new Go!SCAN SPARK is a key tool in designing products to maintain a leadership position in innovation and a manufacturer’s specific market sectors.”


Go!Scan Spark motorcycle


If you are looking for a quote on the new Go!SCAN SPARK or any of the other portable 3D scanning and metrology solutions from Creaform click here.

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