3D Design Services – The Benefits of Outsourcing

3D Design Services – The Benefits of Outsourcing

In a way, starting the transition from traditional manufacturing to additive manufacturing can be relatively easy. Depending on your requirements, you only need a 3D printer, which will probably come with most of what you require, including printing materials, software and at least some accessories. With only that, you can start 3D printing from 3D models that you find online.

However, if you’re going to get into additive manufacturing in any real way, not only will you need more professional equipment, software and accessories, you’re going to need something you can’t buy off-the-shelf: 3D design services.

Why You Should Outsource 3D Design Services

The possibilities and benefits of 3D printing go way beyond printing simple models. From rapid prototyping to higher product quality and lower manufacturing costs, additive manufacturing offers many benefits over traditional manufacturing. But you enjoy those advantages only if you have the right 3D design and modelling capabilities. And that’s the first reason why you should outsource your 3D design.

Use Only the 3D Design Services You Need

Perhaps you only need a product design. Or your existing design optimized for 3D printing. If you don’t have the volume needed to make it worthwhile to hire the right people and find the right technology, you can still get it done.

Get Instant Subject Matter Expertise

When you outsource your design requirements, you get highly qualified, skilled and experienced personnel. It’s a level of expertise that can bring more to the table than just the services you need.

Always Use the Most Advanced Technology & Best Practices

Additive manufacturing is ever-evolving. New technology, materials and processes constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible. Or how fast it can happen. Or how much effort it can save. Keeping up with evolution can be a costly pursuit.

Improve Your Traditional Processes

If you’re using 3D printing to make parts that must go through assembly, how will they all come together? With advanced 3D inspection software, you can get a spread-out, exploded view of how your assembly components fit with each other.

Add Capabilities that You May Be Impossible or Cost Prohibitive

Need the advanced metrology equipment required for your reverse engineering project? What about converting your 2D images, drawings, logos and more to a 3D file that’s fit for inspection and printing?

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