3D Printed Goalie Mask

Proto Types 3d printer goalie mask for Canada's 150

3D Printed Goalie Mask

3D Printed Goalie Mask

3D Printing


In celebration of our Canada’s 150th birthday, our team at Proto3000 took on a creative project to commemorate our country’s milestone. Using the game of hockey as our inspiration, Canada’s most beloved sport, we 3D printed a goalie mask using our in-house 3D printing solutions. We took this opportunity to feature the potential in prototyping in the sports industry with our 3D printers.

side view of the 3d printed goalie mask that was made in honour of Canada's 150

For the exterior of the mask, we painted and wrapped the print to display bold and vivid Canadian colours such as red, white and some gold accents to add flair. The design is centered around a maple leaf, an iconic symbol in Canadian culture as well as the main feature on our national flag. Surrounding the maple leaf, we wrapped prints of our country’s proudest elements and cultural icons including:

The CN Tower, The Summit Series, An Inukshuk, The Rocky Mountains. Maple Syrup, Loonies & Toonies, The Calgary Stampede & The Canadarm



The main helmet part was printed using the Fortus 450mc which was then sanded and primed to achieve a smooth surface for paint application. Texture was also added to the print using shrink wrap. After our mask and maple leaf were spray painted with the right colours, we wrapped Canada’s cultural icons in vinyl on the surrounding areas of the helmet. Adding the finishing touch to our main helmet, we accessorized the maple leaf by hand-painting a gold trim around the borders.  

The cage was printed in red and white using the Stratasys J750 3D printer in full-colour. Fasteners were printed using the MakerBot Replicator Z18 in quick fashion. Once the support material was removed from our prints, we conducted the final assembly of the entire project.

the 3d- printed goalie mask needed 3 different printers to complete.

This goalie mask represents our creative passion and pride in pioneering the 3D printing industry in Canada. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. Join us in wishing Canada a Happy 150th Birthday! #Canada150


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