3D Printing for PPE

Personal protective equipment ppe medical device 3D printing

3D Printing for PPE

We may be into the most serious COVID health threat since the first wave of the pandemic. Fortunately, Proto3000 continues to offer on-demand 3D printing for PPE (personal protective equipment) and medical devices. We can do so because we have the latest in additive manufacturing technology and we have committed our production capacity and in-house engineering to assist the PPE supply chain.

The Power of 3D Printing

If anything, it is our privilege to be able to help. We’re always telling anyone who will listen about the versatility of 3D printing. And we can’t think of a better example of it than to quickly adapt our production capacity to produce face shields, mask adjusters and other components.

We 3D print all PPE devices in our ISO-9001:2015 certified and Health Canada MDEL Class 1 approved facility. They all meet or exceed the standards and requirements set forth by Health Canada.

The additive manufacturing materials we use meet USP Class I-VI and US FDA guidance for Intact Skin Surface Devices. We maintain full traceability on materials and have processes in place to protect workers and our customers from exposure to COVID.

The Benefits of 3D Printing

In addition to allowing us to quickly devote our production capacity to PPE, additive manufacturing lets us create a superior product.


We start by making them light for comfortable, all-day wear

Bio-Compatible Material

Then we minimize skin irritation with HP PA 12 Nylon that meets USP Class I-VI and US FDA guidance for skin contact.


The units are sterilizable and the face shield can be wiped clean with disinfectant.

Clean Production Process

The process is monitored to maintain cleanliness

Practical Design

There’s lots of room to wear other PPE and optical devices.

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