Embedding Electronics into ULTEM 9085

Embedding Electronics Ultem 9085

Embedding Electronics into ULTEM 9085

ULTEM 9085: Heat Resistance & Embedding Electronics
3D Printing Materials

Could a highly heat-resistant drone be created by fusing embedded electronics with 3D printing in a high temperature setting? This was the challenge that Ido Elyon and Stanley Leung of Stratasys Asia Pacific looked to solve with the help of PhD student Phillip Keane, founder of CubeSat.

Using the ULTEM 9085, a high-strength FDM 3D printing material from Stratasys, Keane designed a 3D printed quadcopter drone with embedded electronics at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Although embedded electronics in 3D prints were particularly new technology, the temperatures involved in producing them were traditionally set very high. When printing with ULTEM 9085, the print chamber required a minimum temperature of 160°C and an extruder temperature of approximately 300°C.

The final product was an amazingly durable quadcopter that, in theory, could withstand temperatures that commercially available drones couldn’t. Furthermore, the success of this project has helped establish a group of best practices for engineers embedding electronics in the future.



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Click here for a detailed look at the ULTEM 9085 3D Printing material from Stratasys.


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