3D Print Romance This Valentine’s Day

3D Print Romance This Valentine’s Day


Roses have always been a symbolic part of Valentine’s Day. But like February the 14th, they don’t last long, often wilting and going forgotten. Instead of the traditional gesture of buying roses, this year at Proto3000 we decided to 3D Print our own, a more timeless solution. 

To leverage the collaborative network of the Maker community, we downloaded our files from the popular CAD sharing site Thingiverse. (Original file can be found here, be sure to also check out Proto3000’s page).

We wanted a combination of both red and white roses. To create a unique translucent effect, and allow for more finishing options later on, we 3D printed the roses on our Objet260 Connex 3D Printer using a VeroClear material. After carefully removing them from the print tray, we hand-cleaned the flowers to prevent them from breaking. To create the stems, we sculpted them from a low temperature thermoplastic polymer, which then hardens. 

The final step was to colour and assemble the roses. We spray painted the stems green, and dyed a couple of the roses red. After a quick clear coat, the roses were ready to be assembled. We applied super glue to the bottom of the roses and attached them to the stems.

There you have it, timeless 3D Printed Roses.

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