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Investment Casting

Save time and reduce the cost of creating investment casting tools by utilizing FDM and Polyjet 3D printing technologies.  







3D Printing - Investment Casting Solutions Process 


The Process of Investment Casting 

FDM patterns are direct replacements for traditional patterns that are injection molded with foundry wax. One significant difference is that FDM material does not melt like wax. It burns, which leaves a small amount of ash, typically 0.021 percent, in the shell cavity. The ash is later removed in a shell washing operation. Venting should be added to the ceramic shells to speed the burnout of the FDM pattern. Investment casting patterns need to be produced to close tolerances and with an excellent surface finish because any defects are reproduced in the finished part. The Stratasys Finishing Touch Smoothing Station uses a semi-automated process to improve the surface finish of FDM parts to near injection molded quality without the labor or cost associated with traditional finishing. Advancements in finishing technology have improved FDM parts to the point that hand finishing is no longer needed, making FDM a much stronger competitor in the investment casting market. 

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