The Widest Range of 3D Printing Materials in the Industry

Stratasys PolyJet 3D printing materials are key in producing highly realistic and functional 3D models for applications across the product development lifecycle; from rapid prototyping to manufacturing aids like jigs and fixtures. With PolyJet you can simulate a variety of material properties like rigid, rubber, opaque, polypropylene, heat resistance, bio-compatible, transparent and full-colour. You can also combine different materials to form new digital materials that range in shore values or cover a wide colour spectrum. Choose PolyJet 3D printing materials when you need high resolution and beautiful prototypes, or functional and rugged manufacturing tools.

 Material Versatility and Performance

Stratasys materials for PolyJet 3D printers are the most dynamic in the industry and offer a wide spectrum of options for various applications. With PolyJet 3D printing technology and materials you can create ergonomic tooling, bio-compatible surgical guides, or realistic prototypes that closely resemble finished products in terms of colour and aesthetics. Models are accurately 3D printed in layers as fine as 16 microns for better results with smooth surfaces and complex geometries. Material properties range from rubber-like to rigid, transparent to opaque, neutral to vibrantly coloured, and standard to bio-compatible.

Digital Materials

Digital ABS

Helios (High Temperature)


Vero (Rigid Opaque)

Rigur (Simulated Polypropylene)

Tango (Rubber-like)

Med610 (Biocompatible)