The Stratasys H350



Production-grade parts with exceptional consistency

The Stratasys H350 3D printer makes it possible to customize the production that best suits your applications. Due to the SAF technology, you can re-use unfused powder thus decreasing material costs while obtaining accurate, functional parts consistently. You can select finishing processes and equipment to augment production efficiency in your business.

Built for Production + The Future of Manufacturing

The Stratasys H350 based on the SAF™ Selective Absorption Fusion technology helps your manufacturing business to be competitive and scalable, with a workflow that you can control and a cost per part that is easily forecastable, and which delivers functional, and industrial-grade parts.

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 Key Features

Production Throughput icon

Production Throughput

Produce parts at scale, and take additive manufacturing to a new level with the costs, predictability and speed you need for true production

Repeatable And Consistent icon

Repeatable and Consistent

Achieve and exceed quality standards with parts that accurate and consistent

Cost Per Part icon

Competitive and Predictable Cost-per-Part

Product parts with a cost structure suitable for higher volumes and production applications

Production Control icon

Production control

The H350 3D printer lets users choose their build preparation software platforms to fit their business needs. With no mandatory cloud connection, no forced firmware updates, and the ability to reuse previous print settings, you can have quality control of your production.

Big Wave icon

Big Wave

Due to its unique in-line, unidirectional architecture, SAF technology prints, fuses, recoats (with Big Wave powder system) and powder heats in the same direction.

Thermal Homogeneity icon

Thermal homogeneity

SAF technology ensures a uniform thermal experience and part consistency across the whole bed.

Functional parts icon

Strong, functional parts

End-use production parts with print fine feature details

Non Consumable Printheads icon

Non-consumable print heads

The industrial piezoelectric print heads are non-consumable and included as part of the service contract.

Build Removal Box icon

Build removal box

The Stratasys H350 build removal box is simple, and transportable by a trolley

Extend the advances of Additive Manufacturing into volume production applications

Bring production in-house, and experience a higher throughput.


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Control Consistency

Quality control is the key to successful volume production applications. With H350 you can have a manufacturing control system that will give you the advantage of certifying your production.

  • Produce high-volume parts with accuracy and repeatability.
  • Exceptional detail and a smooth surface finish.

Stratasys H350 3D printed part

Customizable Workflow

Maximize production throughput with the help of a custom-built operation process. Track your materials and log your build data, easily adjust print settings and certify your production. Moreover, you can get a stable production configuration as a result of long-lasting industrial printheads with efficient nesting.

Stratasys H350 SAF Adaptable Workflow

Cost Predictability

With not too many consumables, low-maintenance and long-lasting industrial-grade print heads, the H350 printer was engineered to last. And with minimum running costs, you can surely increase production.

Because of fewer limitations in part orientation, the H350 allows high nesting density, which maximizes the number of parts per build. If you opt to reuse all the unfused powder, you can add more savings in terms of material costs, hence reducing the cost per part.

Last but not least, the H350’s single fusing fluid and non-consumables piezoelectric print heads add more predictability to your manufacturing costs.


Stratasys H350 3D printed part


Stratasys H350 controller

End-Use Products and Quick Manufacturing Runs

Impact-resistant parts like eye-wear, consumer electronic cases, and ear-phones

Stratasys H350 robust part

Tooling, Molds, and Load-Bearing Parts

Molds, manufacturing aids, load-bearing parts such as brackets, machine components, jigs, fixtures, adapters, and manifolds.

Stratasys H350 clip 3d print part

Functional and Complex Parts

Components and parts like hinges, clips, snap fits, connectors and housings.


PA11 polymer Stratasys

High Yield PA11

The Stratasys H350 3D printer enabled by SAF™ technology works with High Yield PA11 which delivers production-grade plastic parts for high-volume demands. This material ensures a high nesting density while maintaining high part consistency.

If the PA12 is most recommended for prototyping, the high-volume production of robust and functional end-use parts requires material like PA11 due to its mechanical properties such as high ductility, higher impact, and higher fatigue resistance.
PA11 is eco-friendly and bio-based obtained from sustainable castor oil.

Selective Absorption Fusion™ by Stratasys

Stratasys H350 and SAF Workflow

Streamlined, customizable, and built for manufacturing consistency

Stratasys H350 SAF additive manufacturing binder jetting Process

Technical Specifications

Build tray size
Build tray size
315 x 208 x 293 mm (12.40 x 8.18 x 11.53 in)
Build volume
Build volume
19.2 l (5.07 gallon)
Layer thickness
Layer thickness
100 μ (0.004 in)
Time to a full build
Time to a full build
11.62 hrs.
Powder: Stratasys High Yield PA11
Fluid: Stratasys High Absorption Fluid HAF TM
Supported software workflow
Supported software workflow
Materialise Magics, Siemens NX and PTC Creo
GrabCAD Print Server
Network requirements
Network requirements
RJ45 Ethernet connection 35MBit
Network with DHCP server and internet access
Power requirements
Power requirements
400VAC, 3P+N, PE, 50-60 Hz, 16A
Power consumption
Power consumption
3.25 kw, 5 kw (peak), 0.15 kw (Idle)

Meet the Demands of Real Production

Bring production in-house, and experience a higher throughput with longer, uninterrupted build times.


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