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Our 3D Printer lineup has a solution for today's needs, including the latest and greatest in Design, Rapid Prototyping and Production.


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Stratasys Idea Series 3D Printers

Idea Series 3D Printers

Affordable desktop 3D printing.

Ideal For: Low-Cost 3D Printing, Design Iterations, Concept Development, Individual Professionals, Small Design Teams, Educators


Stratasys Design Series 3D Printers

Design Series 3D Printers

Test your product's design with
precision rapid prototyping.

Ideal For: Rapid Prototyping, Product Development, Functional Testing, Design Engineers, Product Mock-Ups


Stratasys Production 3D Printers

Production Series 3D Printers

Streamline your product manufacturing

Ideal For: Short Run Production, Assembly Tools, Product Testing, Additive Manufacturing, Jigs and Fixtures, Heat, Flame and Toxicity Resistant Prototypes



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