Nylon 12 – The Toughest Material in Additive Manufactuing

Nylon 12 – The Toughest Material in Additive Manufactuing

Proto3000 is proud to announce the launch of the newest 3D Printing Material – Nylon 12.

Nylons are the third most common engineering thermoplastic. Although previously possible with different additive manufacturing processes, this is the first time nylon has made its way to fused deposition modeling – and with unparalleled results.

Available now on Fortus 3D Production Systems, Nylon 12 has the specs to be one of the toughest materials available in additive manufacturing.

View Nylon 12 Material Properties Datasheet



Nylon 12 was designed to optimize strength and toughness while at the same time, reduce the residual stresses and warp that have prevented semi-crystalline material use in the past. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Nylon 12 offers several key improvements over any other 3D-printed nylon.

  • Out-performs on toughness
  • Out-perform on mechanical properties,
  • Highest Impact Strength out of FDM materials
  • Exhibits 100% improvement in elongation at break
  • Fatigue and chemical resistance.
  • First FDM material that can be annealed
  • Annealed parts improve the temperature and mechanical properties of 3D printed parts.


These material properties enable the improvement of current applications, such as jigs, fixtures and tooling with enhanced durability, dimensional stability and impact strength. It also opens the door for new applications that FDM processes previously struggled with such as pressed metal inserts, snap fits, living hinges, and fatigue resistant parts. 

Nylon 12 was designed to be used on the Fortus 900mc, Fortus 400mc, and Fortus 360mc 3D Production Systems. Nylon 12 is the first in a family of nylons, stay tuned.


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