Pantone & Stratasys Advance Design Realism in 3D Printing

Pantone cube grid for 3D printing

Pantone & Stratasys Advance Design Realism in 3D Printing

A New Level of Design Realism

Stratasys, a leader in additive manufacturing is setting a new level of standard in realism in 3D printed design. On April 2nd 2019, Stratasys revealed a new agreement with Panton, a worldwide authority of professional colour regulations in many vertical industries. Together, Pantone and Stratysis have come to an agreement that Stratysis will become the first additive manufacturing (3D printing solutions) provider with technology that is certified as PANTONE Validated™. This official qualification and agreement allow for the simulation of the Pantone Matching System (PMS) colours on 3D printed objects.

Pantone 3D Printing Utensils Gradient A Pantone

Stratasys J750 and J735 PolyJet and Pantone

Both the Stratysys J750™ and J735™ PolyJet™ 3D Printers are approved by Pantone as they meet the validated standards of PANTONE because of their quality in print and realism. In addition to this, both PolyJet printers are both fully aligned to uphold the strict requirements of the design studios as they integrate the design-to-manufacture process. This new agreement between both Stratasys and Pantone will allow for accurate and simple colour communication between designers, modellers and manufacturers. Now, all pillars of the design-to-manufacturing process will be easily able to “choose-and-print” with colour-matching Pantone identities.

Both the 7J50 3D printer and the J735 are two of the most impressive and capable 3D printing solutions for designers as they provide better design through their advanced design options, fast iterations, and creation of final products that match the colour, shape, finish, material appearance and intricate graphic design components. This new certification allows Stratasys to provide thousands of printable and Pantone Colours that are globally recognized. This agreement allows for all contributors to the design process to communicate in the same language and can thereby reduce the design cost, iterations and will ultimately increase the time-to-revenue.

3D Printed Cube Staggered Wall Pantone

“Designers work hard to build realistic prototypes in ways that speed design, build and development cycles. Unfortunately, typical approaches of manually painting each and every model is time consuming,” said Hadas Schragenheim, Rapid Prototyping Manager, Stratasys. “Our agreement with Pantone sets the stage for a revolution in design and prototype processes. As the industry’s first 3D printers officially ‘PANTONE Validated,’ we’re allowing designers to build realistic prototypes faster than ever before – shrinking design-to-prototype and accelerating product time-to-market.”

It is expected that Stratasys customers should be able to gain access to Panton functionality directly within the GrabCAD print environment by July 2019. They will be able to assign and apply colours to their 3d printed models my simply looking through the Panton book.

“Pantone maintains a relentless focus on providing physical and digital design solutions that are aligned with the way modern designers work. Given the innovative applications of 3D printing in design, prototyping and production workflows, Stratasys is a natural partner-of-choice,” said Iain Pike, Director of Partner Business Development for Pantone. “Together, we’re ensuring designers and manufacturers can leverage advanced 3D Printing technologies to create the most vibrant and color-correct 3D printed prototypes the market has ever seen – and with confidence that simulated Pantone colors reflect the design intent.”


Because of Pantone, Stratasys customers that work in industries ranging from home products to consumer packaged goods will now be able to effectively and efficiently approach design challenges. Designers will no longer need to waste money and time that was once spent on manual painting and other traditional design methods. Now, customers can use the combination of Stratasys and Pantone to produce prototypes with the highest level of design, thereby having the power to produce greater innovative products both effectively and quickly.  

A Universal Language of Colour

Pantone gives us a universal language of colour- this allows for brands and manufacturers to make colour-critical decisions through every stage of their workflow. Over 10 million producers and designers worldwide rely on Pantone services and products in order to properly communicate, define and control consistency across multitudes of finishes and materials used on textiles, graphics and product design. Pantone Standards have a digital and physical colour specification and workflow tools. Furthermore, the Pantone Color Institute gives tailored brand identity, colour standards and colour consulting in addition to trend forecasting. The Pantone Color Institute will forecast Fashion Runway Colour Trend Reports, Pantone Colour of the Year, colour psychology and more.  Pantone Professional (B2B) Licensing integrates the Pantone Colour System into a variety of different services and products- this then allows licensees to share and reproduce approved Pantone values that will better efficiency for their users.

Pantone 3d printed Utensils Fan

Stratasys is a worldwide leader 3D printing technology or additive manufacturing and is also the manufacturer of PolyJet™ and  FDM® 3D Printers. Stratasys’ technologies are utilized to create manufacturing tools, prototypes, and production parts for industries such as automotive, healthcare, aerospace, education and consumer products. In the past 30 years, Stratasys has produced products that have aided manufacturers in their ability to reduce cost, product-development time and the time-to-market. They have also helped in reducing and eliminating tooling costs while increasing product quality.

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