Desktop Metal Live Parts

Desktop Metal Live Parts

Desktop Metal Live Parts

The brains behind the world’s first accessible metal 3D printing system is exploring a new approach to generative design. Desktop Metal is introducing Live Parts as an experimental design technology that applies morphogenetic principles in order to automatically generate lightweight and durable parts in a matter of minutes. The goal of this project is to enable users to utilize the potential of additive manufacturing and give designers and engineers the tools to design their parts from the ground up for additive and functionality.

“In addition to hardware, we believe design for additive manufacturing software tools and techniques are critical to the successful fabrication of strong, lightweight parts that perform”
Ric Fulop, CEO & Co-Founder at Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal Live Parts is a generative design tool made specifically for 3D printing. 

Ideal for 3D printing
Similar to how plants grow, there are no straight lines in parts with the exception of where mounting regions, symmetries, or keep out zones. This allows them to be well-suited for additive manufacturing processes where typical design limitations don’t apply.

Real-time simulation of static and dynamic loads
A GPU-accelerated multi-physics engine models parts as living organisms to allow parts to be generated in real-time based on constraints and load conditions- which can be linear, radial, rotational, and even dynamic.

Auto-generates design in minutes
Inspired by nature, Live Parts utilizes an algorithm that enables parts to grow and adapt like plants and bones, changing its shape to find the best form for their function and environment.

Integrated with SolidWorks
Define constraints and forces inside the Live Parts for SolidWorks add-in before exporting for part generation. Parts can also be exported back to SolidWorks auto-assembled, and further analyzed.


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