Ford Motor Company uses 3d printing additive manufacturing

Ford Motor Co.

Ford has always looked to emerging technologies like additive manufacturing to improve its manufacturing processes and develop world-class vehicles. From its earliest roots in developing the moving assembly line, Ford has been at the forefront of manufacturing innovation.

The Research and Innovation Centre in Dearborn, Michigan is responsible for developing new technologies and working with partners to bring those technologies to Ford Motor Co.

“We’re using 3D printers and prototyping parts – it’s uniquely suited for that because we can print parts right after you design a concept and see if it’s the design you really want. And that opens a new design process where you can iterate more quickly.” —- Ken Washington, Ford’s VP of Research and Advanced Engineering & CTO at Ford Motor Company

Ford was an early investor and adopter of both bound metal deposition and binder jetting metal 3D printing technology. Today, they use the Desktop Metal® Studio System™ to produce prototypes, test parts, jigs and fixtures as well as new vehicle concepts. With a binder jet-based metal additive manufacturing process, they are looking to transform their global supply chain and produce high-performance parts on demand. Watch their story, and learn how Ford is building the Factory of the Future with metal 3D printing solutions from Desktop Metal.

“We are absolutely in a time of amazing change…I think the technology of 3D printing is going to affect not only Ford but all other carmakers. As you look into the future, we’re looking at many ways to integrate 3D printing into what we call the factory of the future. We see the possibility of creating future factories where 3D printing is an integral part of manufacturing.” — Ken Washington, Ford’s VP of Research and Advanced Engineering & CTO at Ford Motor Company