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Objet500 Connex3 Stratasys Multi-Material Color 3D Printer

A game-changer for product design, engineering and manufacturing processes, Stratasys ground-breaking Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D Printer is the world's first 3D printer to combine colors with multi-material 3D printing.
Time: 3:02
Solar Energy Prototyping FORTY2 Solar Energy Suitcase with Stratasys Fortus 3D Printers

Watch the story behind this remarkable device and how Stratasys 3D printing based on FDM™ technology using ABS plastic delivered a durable full scale prototype. Just one of the prototyping benefits - Peppermint decided to make the whole device even smaller than intended after carrying the first prototype proved awkward.
Time: 3:16
3D Printing Cars, Bentley 3D Printing

Watch how legendary Bentley Motors Ltd is dedicated to using Obet Connex multi-material 3D printing to produce small-scale car models, as well as full-size parts, for assessment and testing prior to actual production. Virtually every part is prototyped in miniature, right down to the crystal decanter!
Time: 3:04
3D Printing for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, 3D Printing UAVs

Using lightweight but extremely durable ULTEM™ 9085 material, UAV Solutions manufactures components that "could not be done with standard milling procedures." And these high performance avionic structures can be changed overnight to meet precise customer requirements.
Time: 3:29
3D Printing Injection Molds, 3D Printed Injection Molds

3D printing has turned the production of injection molded prototypes into a quick, easy and inexpensive process. See how PolyJet 3D Printing technology from Stratasys helps a team at Budapest University create an injection mold for functional testing at reduced time and cost.
Time: 1:32
Fortus 3D Printed Dragon Motorcycle

In this behind-the-scenes video, Orange County Choppers uses a 3D printer to transform a motorcycle into a roaring dragon. When an ambitious client dreamed up a custom motorcycle in the shape of a Chinese dragon, OCC built the lifelike head by 3D printing it with Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology. FDM produced a durable, complex, organically shaped end-use part that would have been difficult or impossible to produce by other means.
Time: 2:33
3D Printing Movie Props, Costumes, and Accessories

Jason Lopes, Lead Systems Engineer for Legacy Effects explains how 3D printing is used to design and create the characters and creatures used in some of the most popular blockbuster films and animations of recent years including Avatar, the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, John Carter, Terminator, the Halo game and many more.
Time: 2:57
3D Printed Kryptonite, 3D Printed Crystal, How-to

The Proto3000 team goes through the process of ceating transparent 3D printed models, as well as designing for electrical components and lighting.
Time: 1:36
3D Printed Kryptonite, 3D Printed Crystal

To commemorate the start of the new Man of Steel movie, and to showcase the ability of our polyjet 3D printers to print in a clear, transparent material, we decided to 3D print a Kryptonite replica.
Time: 0:40
3D Printing and 3D Scanning 1927 Ford Model T Car

Take a look at how the Proto3000 team reverse engineered and replicated a 1927 Ford Model T.
Time: 1:04
3D Printing and 3D Scanning 1927 Ford Model T Car

Take a look at how the Proto3000 team reverse engineered and replicated a 1927 Ford Model T.
Time: 1:17
3D Printed Hockey Puck Video

Rapid Prototyping a hockey puck for the upcoming NHL season. We put our puck through some high impact testing and tested how it held up in comparison to an actual puck. This shows the versatility of 3D Printing and how it can benefit the prototyping process with quick, easy and limitless solutions.
Time: 2:07
3D Printed SnowGlobe

With this year's growth of the Proto3000 and Stratasys product and technology portfolios, The Proto3000 team decided to showcase the synergistic potential of our additive manufacturing (3D printing) processes - With a holiday twist.
Time: 1:48
A 3D Printed Desktop Organizer

Off the shelf products simply don't have the personalization and customization that a 3D Printer can offer. Take a look at our 3D Printed desktop organizer from a MakerBot 3D Printer.
Time: 0:35
ULTEM durable material

Minimizer's engineers road test their semi-truck fenders with functional prototypes 3D printed in black ULTEM 9085, a high-performance thermoplastic.
Time: 1:41
ULTEM protoype

Stratasys materials expert Fred Fischer introduces black ULTEM 9085 for Fortus 900mc and 400mc 3D Production Systems. Engineers and designers can now build ULTEM prototypes, custom tooling and production parts that are uniformly black right out of the build chamber.
Time: 1:44

NASA engineers use 3D printing to build a next-generation rover to support humans exploring other worlds, such as asteroids and, eventually, Mars.
Time: 3:15

Stratasys announced a joint initiative with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to develop fused deposition modeling (FDM) additive manufacturing for production use.
Time: 1:45

The Fortus 250mc is Stratasys' most affordably priced 3D Production System. Users can create concept models, functional prototypes, tooling and end-use parts in three steps: file pre-processing, part production, and support removal.
Time: 3:43

"We believe innovation is at its best when the tools that we use give us the freedom to create without limitation. ... And now, we're introducing a new 3D-printing platform to our lineup that will make genuine FDM Technology accessible to more people than ever before." — Scott Crump, Stratasys founder and inventor of FDM Technology
Time: 3:12

These programmable plotters are the result of the University of Virginia's mechatronics program. Students built all of the plotters' plastic components using uPrint 3D printers from Stratasys. Video and music are by UVA mechanical and aerospace engineering professor Gavin Garner.
Time: 2:39

A joint development between 3D printer maker, Stratasys and printed electronics system manufacturer, Optomec takes first step in merging these two technologies. The companies have created the first known model of a fully printed hybrid structure -- a model of a wing for a UAV.
Time: 2:02

Watch this time-lapse video of a uPrint SE 3D Printer creating an adjustable wrench model. After a support-material removal process, the wrench's movable components will be fully functional.
Time: 0:23

Acist uses Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology to maximize efficiency beyond rapid prototyping. The medical device manufacturer puts 3D printed components in doctor's offices, such as the redesigned display unit on its contrast-injection system.
Time: 3:15

The uPrint SE 3D Print Pack and uPrint SE Plus 3D Print Pack are complete systems to get your office started with 3D printing. The packages include everything you need to create real ABS plastic parts from CAD files.
Time: 1:47

The Fortus 900mc 3D Production System uses stable thermoplastics that continue to outperform nearly all competing technologies in accuracy and repeatability.
Time: 4:48

The Fortus 400mc 3D Production System produces parts used for 3D prototyping and 3D manufacturing. Producing a prototype on a Fortus machine cuts development time and cost.
Time: 4:50

Watch as Kablooe Design kicks around a medical device prototype made out of FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). Weighing in at almost 50 pounds, it's fun to see how it holds up to FDA drop testing.
Time: 3:39

Fortus 360mc 3D System produces thermoplastic parts for prototyping and manufacturing. Fortus 3D Production Systems are used in a variety of industries, and allow for the production of 3D prototypes and end use parts in a timely and cost effective manner.
Time: 4:53

Fortus 3D Production Systems fuel creativity in university students who use additive manufacturing to prototype new concepts for their UAV fire sensor project.
Time: 2:44

A 500% enrollment increase in the prestigious Department of Aerospace and Engineering department at the University of Alabama in Huntsville has the students and faculty soaring to new heights.
Time: 3:29

3D Printing technology is allowing students to collaborate with local businesses in a whole new way -- students to learn on the job skills, add experience to their resume, and network with engineers who could open doors to future employment.
Time: 2:40

"The Fortus machine has allowed us to produce models we couldn't make any other way." -- Steve Collins, Prototype Development Specialist, University of Alabama -- Huntsville
Time: 2:57

Niagara College student created a robotic walker on their Dimension 3D Printer and showcased the working model at the Skills Ontario event last month.
Time: 0:11

Using Stratasys Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology, Thogus Products (Thogus), a 61-year-old manufacturing company, re-invented itself - revolutionizing their injection molding business.
Time: 2:12

The Urbee Hybrid is the First Car to Have Entire Body 3D Printed from a Stratasys Additive Manufacturing System. Stratasys 3D printers use patented FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology
Time: 6:01

Tape Wrangler uses a Dimension 3D Printer, for 3D prototyping, to speed up product development. They use a Fortus 400mc 3D Production System for manufacturing and 'green' tooling.
Time: 7:02

More than 3,400 schools use Dimension 3D Printers. For Matt at the University of Arizona, his dream of building a complex hexapod robot, that couldn't be manufactured with traditional CNC technology, became a reality. See how he produced the hexapod using a Dimension 3D Printer and Intel Atom Processor.
Time: 4:25

Fortus 3D Systems can manufacture fixtures, jigs, and low volume parts. Fortus 3D Systems are used by the automotive and aerospace industries to develop Fixtures for assembly, calibration, and inspection. Fortus 3D manufacturing uses industry leading and patented FDM technology to produce real, durable parts out of production-grade thermoplastics.
Time: 2:39

With a wide range of industrial thermoplastics, Fortus 3D Production Machines produce parts you can test in real-world situations. Fortus digital manufacturing allows you to test parts in the prototyping stage so you don't have to spend time and money reproducing parts late in production.
Time: 2:08

All industries use Fortus FDM (fused deposition modeling) technology to produce 3D prototypes. See how Medtronic uses their Fortus machine to produce prototypes faster and less expensive.
Time: 2:48

FDM (fused deposition modeling) technology was used to produce this 3D prototype Aircraft Engine. This is a video of the Turbo-Prop at Autodesk University 2009.
Time: 0:56

Stratasys & Autodesk Produce First Full-Scale Turbo-Prop Aircraft Engine Model with 3D Printing
Time: 2:32

Joe Gibbs Racing engineers determined the cause of a tire blowout was due to an air-duct outlet not adequately keeping brake heat away from the tire. Using the Fortus 3D manufacturing system, they were able to develop a 3D prototype, make modifications, and use the FDM model to produce an end use part in days.
Time: 4:11

Oreck reduced fixture costs by 65% using a Fortus 3D Production System. With Direct Digital Manufacturing, the cost to produce assembly pallets is reduced by up to 65%. With some fixture projects costing more than $100,000, the savings are significant.
Time: 2:13

A video about FDM Processing Technology
Time: 1:25

This is an informative video on how to 3D Print. The 3D printing process is a lot easier than you think!
All footage was shot at Proto3000 in Vaughan, ON.
Time: 2:06

Watch how Proto3000 celebrates the 2012 Summer Olympic Games: by 3D printing a set of Olympic rings on a podium.
Time: 1:07

Proto3000 recently received an Objet 260Connex 3D Printer. It was set up quickly on-site by a trained Objet technician and was immediately used to 3D print!
All footage was shot at Proto3000 in Vaughan, Ontario.
Time: 1:36

Here is the new Go!SCAN 3D. This is by far the fastest handheld white light 3D scanner on the market today, combining ease of use with reliable results.
Time: 2:00

With KeyShot creating an outstanding animation is easy and fast. drag and drop everything from colours to materials to lighting then adjust camera angles and movement, and you're done.
Time: 0:26

Over recent years, 3D printing technology has evolved at a rapid rate. It has helped industries spanning from automotive to jewelry. For Emma Lavelle, it has given her a chance to give hugs again.
Time: 3:00

Check out how the latest 3D Printing Technology works!
Time: 0:30

In this video a 3D Printer creates a Wallpaper Logo.
Time: 0:34

GM uses SLA and SLS rapid prototyping techniques to produce car parts
Time: 3:00

Boeing creates prototypes by using 3D Printers.
Time: 3:00

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is a rapid prototyping option.
Time: 1:00

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is a type of rapid prototyping. Please view the video to see an example.
Time: 0:33

Objet's patented Polyjet Technology is innovative and revolutionary. With over 107 different materials to choose from, and the ability to combine more then one material into a single build leaves endless possibilities.
Time: 0:27

Companies around the world are turning more and more to rapid manufacturing to create durable, working prototypes, as well as short run production parts. Selective laser sintering is an excellent additive manufacturing option, with a variety of materials, high-heat and chemically resistant applications, as well as the ability to use additives such as glass filled nylon, carbon, and aluminum.
Time: 2:05

The Selective Laser Sintering Process (SLS) is a type of rapid prototyping methodology. It has many additive manufacturing applications, such as rapid tooling, injection mold inserts, investment casting patterns and foundry patterns.
Time: 0:21

The Toronto Star showcases Proto3000 and the change in the product development and rapid prototyping industry. Proto3000 offers and engineers, manufacturers, product developers, and many other industries 3D Laser Scanning, Rapid Prototyping, 3D Printing and CAD software services and devices.
Time: 1:48

The arm-free handheld MetraSCAN™ 3D scanning system and the C-Track™ 780 dual-camera sensor form a unique duo that generates the most accurate measurements in the lab and on the shop floor. Combined with the HandyPROBE, this complete and powerful inspection solution increases the reliability, speed and versatility of the measurement process.
Time: 3:28

This video showcases two of the most powerful 3D printer on the market today, the Connex 500 and 350. These multi-material printers allow for the combination of rubber and plastic in the printing of parts.
Time: 3:45

Proto3000 goes international with this documentary about their in-house 3D Printing capabilities. Fairchild TV, one of Canada's premier Chinese networks, was responsible for this documentary. The fascination with 3D Printing continues on a global level.
Time: 3:56

The Objet260 Connex Now Available in a Smaller Package.
Time: 4:45

Geomagic Studio also offers Automatic Patch Merging.
After running AutoSurface or manually constructing a patch network, Merge Surfaces can automatically optimize the patch layout by merging surface patches that form a rectangular array.
Time: 0:50

Proto3000 offers 3D Software in assisting Curvature Sensitive Smoothing feature applications.
Time: 1:33

Proto3000 offers 3D Software for filling holes in CAD Models.
Time: 2:29

Proto3000 offers North American clients a mobile 3D Laser Scanner system that enables them to scan part to CAD easily and anywhere.
Time: 3:02

Proto3000 offers a powerful 3D Software that helps align points or polygon data from scanned data. Overlapping scanned data is reduced. Organize large number of scanned data models. Merging polygonal meshes.
Time: 3:36

The REVscan™, is an integral and innovative product from the Handyscan 3D™ line of self-positioning scanners, distributed by Proto3000. Revolutionizing the production of Reverse Engineering, design, shape acquisition and 3D inspection methodology, the REVscan is a unique, affordable scanner that is highly popular and utilized among many other industries.
Time: 2:56

3D scanners are often used for modeling three dimensional models which may be used for future 3D rendering. 3D scanners from the Handyscan 3D line-up are; self-positioning, truly portable, handheld laser scanners that offer the latest technological innovations and offer powerful and efficient functionality.
Time: 2:58

Large and unique object scanning is no longer a challenge with the MAXscan handheld laser scanner. Offering innovative, practical scanning technology for 3D scanning of large or obscure objects, this model is the latest portable and handheld laser scanner featuring the Handyscan 3D™ technology that encompasses photogrammetry level accuracy.
Time: 2:04

3D laser scanners send trillions of light photons toward an object and only receive a small percentage of those photons back via the optics that they use. With that technique, 3D scanners can build a 3D modeling object very quickly. 3D scanners produce a picture describing the distance information of each point to an object. Moreover, the 3D scanner photon's probes the object surface at the speed of light.
Time: 2:22

3D scanners are often used for modeling three dimensional models which may be used for future 3D rendering. 3D scanners from the Handyscan 3D line-up are; self-positioning, truly portable, handheld laser scanners that offer the latest technological innovations and offer powerful and efficient functionalities.
Time: 3:12

Industrial Designers use Proto3000's 3D Printers to develop their creations and concepts. Watch the following interview with Nir Siegel with his concept car to fight city congestion and global warming.
Time: 3:21

Different consistency and rubber and plastic materials available from Proto3000 - 3D Engineering Solutions.
Time: 1:20

With the Eden 3-Dimensional Printing Systems family, you can select the system that best fits your needs, whether in build size, productivity or budget requirements. The compact design and the clean process of all Eden systems makes them ideal for any office environment.
Time: 2:51

The Eden500V™ 3-Dimensional Printing System is the ideal solution for large-size model requirements or when high productivity is vital. Its build size of up to 500 x 400 x 200mm eliminates the need to glue smaller pieces together for large models and enables simultaneous printing of multiple models on a single build tray - cutting production time for models of all sizes.
Time: 3:18

Connex500™ - The First Multi-Material 3D Printing System. Bring models closer to your end products.
The Connex500™ is the first 3D printing system that jets multiple model materials simultaneously.
Time: 3:45

Don't let your ideas go to waste. With Objet's family of desktop 3D printers you don't have to compromise on quality or speed. Instead, print your ideas into accurate and testable prototypes. Demonstrate them. Improve them. Then get your product to market before your competitors. And all at an affordable price!
Time: 3:33

Objet's family of 3-Dimensional Printing Systems brings high-resolution, fine-detailed models into the hands of designers or engineers and fits in any office environment. Objet's patented PolyJetTM and PolyJet matrix technology provides a complete 3D printing solution for virtually any rapid prototyping application. Objet Studio Software guarantees that your models are printed smoothly and accurately.
Time: 9:45

The Objet24 Personal 3D Printer is the first office system to print true-to-life models -- featuring strong materials, small moving parts, thin walls and smooth, paintable surfaces.
Time: 2:48

Models Displayed at Exhibitions - Objet Creates parts for artistic models using acrylic based materials which are easily painted on. This is a perfect solution for art students who are working with 3D Designs and are looking to enhance their creations with the help of Objet 3D Printers.
Time: 4:20

It has broad appeal for rapid prototyping applications requiring gaskets, seals, face masks, etc. It can be colored by infiltration or dip coated increasing its applicability.
Time: 4:26

Living hinges are the bearings which connect two or more rigid parts. They are thin and flexible made from plastic. Objet has created sealed containers which resemble the Tupperware brand, yet are stronger and protect food better than the previous products.
Time: 4:57

Build and test shock-absorbers and protective layers with 3D printing.
Efficiently build product prototypes containing add-on protective materials. Efficiently test placing and width of protective layers & coatings. Trouble-shoot material design & durability. Drop tests and more.
Time: 4:09

3D printing: Create a material with varying friction coefficients. Robotic snake is able to propel itself forward via the clever use Objet's 3D printers used to build the underbelly of the snake with 2 different friction coefficients.
Time: 1:10

3D Laser Scanners are commonly used for modeling three dimensional models for future 3D renderings. For more information, please visit The Handyscan 3D series of scanners offer self-positioning, truly portable handheld laser scanners that boast advanced technological innovations and offer powerful, efficient solutions.
Time: 3:05

Handheld 3D Laser Scanning system with real-time 3D scanner data acquisition. Scan parts in 3D such as toys, automotive, medical, equipment and other parts quickly and accurately. Purchasing available from from Proto3000.
Time: 3:30

With the HandyScan Line of 3D laser scanners, the reverse engineering of consumer products and toys is possible. The accuracy allows for the creation of highly detailed models.
Time: 1:06

Breakfast Television correspondent Jennifer Valentyne gets a first hand look at 3D Laser Scanners as Proto3000 showcases the face scanning power of the HandyScan line-up.
Time: 2:00

With 7 different materials to choose from, including high temperature and clear transparent, the Objet30 Pro is the most versatile 3D Printer on the market.
Time: 3:33

The Connex Family of 3D Printers presents endless opportunities in design and product development. With multi-material capabilities, this 3D printer line-up produces prototypes that best resemble the end-use product, allowing for catching variances early in the development cycle.
Time: 3:34

The Objet Connex Family of 3D Printers are a revolutionary addition to the world of additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping. With over 61 materials and material combinations to choose from, the simulation of an end-use part will be closer than ever.
Time: 4:39

With Objet's family of low-cost desktop 3D printers, designers and engineers can build true-to-life models and prototypes featuring ultra-precision details straight from the office desk.
Time: 2:30

The Objet260 Connex is an affordable, compact version of Objet's pioneering
line of multi-material 3D printers. It enables designers and engineers to rapidly
build prototypes to simulate their intended end-product closer than any other
Time: 4:45


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