​   Proto3000 offers 3D Printing
   Services to help you reach deadlines   
   in a cost effective manner.




3D Printing Services 


Proto3000 offers 3D printing services for quick turnaround times. These 3D printers allow us to collaborate with you and create the unimaginable. By choosing Proto3000 for your 3D printing services you are harnessing the complete capabilities of the best 3D printers on the market. This 3D Printing Technology is cutting edge and offers several benefits:

  • Create prototypes that looks, feels, and functions like the end material.
  • Polyjet technology gives you access to an expansive selection of materials, ensuring that the final product replicates the mechanical and physical properties of the end-use part. Choose different materials for different parts of your prototype, so you can maintain the right structural stability and function. 
  • 3D print builds can be left overnight to maximize efficiency
  • Office friendly, so your production and design do not require separate areas. Makes communication between product development teams more efficient.
  • Outstanding 16-Micron, high resolution print layer accuracy
  • 3D print rubber like materials, as well as plastics, and digital combinations or both
  • Eliminate the need to spend money and time for the assembly of different parts made from different types of materials.
  • Has a large size build tray of 500 x 400 x 200mm that can drastically reduce time on part simulation.
  • Uses the photopolymer model and support materials from Objet which allows a wide variety of mechanical and physical properties, as well as easy support removal.
  • 3D printed parts have clean surface finishes, with outstanding quality and accuracy."


 Quick Turnaround Times
3D Printing Experts
CAD Designers
Over 103 Materials! 

3D Printing Service Applications

​Concept Models
Marketing 3D Models
Product Prototypes
Mechanical Parts
Architectural Designs
Household Items
Movie Props
Automotive Parts
Personal Projects
New Product Inventions
Sales Tools


Advanced 3D Printing Technology

The Connex500 does not simply 3D print, it is a full 3D printing and rapid prototyping solution. The system was designed to be both user-friendly, and professional, meaning your 3D prototyping can now be done in-house.

These advanced 3D printing capabilities include:

  • Multi-Material Capabilities: A single build can consist of different materials easily selected through the desktop software. The eliminates the need for traditional methods of gluing or manually combining parts.
  • Digital Materials: The Connex500 3D printer can combine up to two FullCure model materials into one. This new digital material can be altered to have different physical properties, including flexibility, consistency, and strength.
  • Mixed Tray: 3D Print multiple materials and 3D parts on a single build tray.


Along with advanced 3D printing capabilities, the Connex500 3D Printer also has 3 different printing modes, to suit your design budgets and timeframes.

  • Digital Material 3D Printing Mode - 12mm per hour, in 30-micron layers
  • High Quality 3D Printing Mode - single material parts at 12mm per hour in 16 Micron layers
  • High Speed 3D Printing Mode - 20mm per hour in 30-micron layers.


Proto3000 is Your 3D Printing Service Solution 

Print Your Designs In 3D

  • If you've done the design work, your next stage is prototyping. Proto3000 can 3D Print from converted concept drawings and design files
  • Instantly upload files for inspection, consultation or even a quote. This includes STL, IGES, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, and many more
  • Speak with one of our expert design engineers to scale models to your desired size, make and material

 Find Your Perfect Material

  • With over 60 different materials to choose from, ensure that your 3D printed model meets your project’s unique requirements
  • With rigid and rubber-like 3D printing materials, prototypes replicate the look, feel and function of final products
  • With Polyjet Matrix 3D printing technology multi-material combinations  are finally possible

Collaboration Is Key

  •  Turn any 3D CAD design into a 3D model to assess structural strength, visualize an end-use product, or start your product development journey, with the right steps
  • With 3D printing technology,  create tangible forms of your ideas
  • There are no limitations to your design!

 3D For Design

  • Whether it be for architectural models or for artistic design, our 3D printing services offer a solution for you
  • Our 3D printers are capable of intricately designed models with accuracy up to 16 microns
  • Our 3D printing services can
    produce various size models in a single build, making the transition from design to production time effective and effort free



Development in 3D

  • ​3D printing greatly reduces the product development cycle with the ability to produce working prototypes reflective of the end use part
  • Integrate mechanical and electric properties into prototypes with fully functioning parts with our 3D printing services
  • ​3D print prototypes for testing, assessment, presentation and marketing

It’s a 3D World

  • ​With multi-material capabilities, large material selections, and the integration of popular 3D CAD softwares, new applications are being revealed everyday
  • Our 3D printing services have seen everything from engineering concepts to marketing models being requested by clients
  • Call us today to see if Proto3000's 3D printing services are for you



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