Display Part Finishing Solutions-

Apply high-quality and life-like characteristics to your 3D printed models through the process of painting. 




3D Printing - Painting Solutions Process 

One of the display part finishing solutions that the Proto3000 Services Team is offering is Painting. We offer 10 different FDM materials and over 150 Polyjet materials for your projects. Our 3D printer, uPrint SE Plus, now offers 3D printing in 9 different colours. Our manufacturing technicians use different painting materials to add the perfect finishing touches to your 3D printed model. Contact the Proto3000 Services Team for further information on how we can help you with these solutions. If you want to speak to a LIVE PERSON - CALL 1-888-88-PROTO (77686).
Process 1. Provide the Proto3000 Services Team with your design or general idea of the model, part or prototype you wish to create.        Process 2. Let our Engineering Team create a CAD file to be used by our 3D printers for precise 3D printing.
Process 3. Once you approve the design, the .STL file will be sent to our 3D printers for Polyjet and FDM additive manufacturing processing. Our Applications Specialists will remove the 3D printed part from the 3D printer's build tray for future processing.        Process 4. Our Manufacturing Technicians add the finishing touches to your 3D printed models. The finishing processes include Bonding and Gluing, Electroplating, Mass Finishing, Painting, PPSF Finishing, Sealing and Smoothing FDM Parts. 
Process 5. Display your 3D printed models during trade shows, presentations and impress your clients with amazing renderings and highly precise finishing.         



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