Proto3000 offers Plastic Prototyping Services to help you
reach deadlines in a cost effective manner.




Plastic Prototyping Services 

We understand that is it not always possible to own your own plastic prototyping machine. That is why here, at Proto3000, we offer you the highest level of plastic prototyping services to augment your product development cycle.  With numerous options for plastic prototyping, experience quick turnaround times with low costs – all while producing parts of the highest accuracy and quality. We can also help with projects that require ultra-fast turnaround times to meet any deadline.

Why Do I Need Plastic Prototyping Services?

In your product’s development cycle, there is no room for error. With plastic prototyping, you can identify any flaws in your design and correct it with ease and precision. Hold your prototype in your hand with moving parts and fully functioning assemblies. With a tremendous material selection, any project with unique specifications can be handled. From parts with high heat tolerances to parts with living hinges, our experts here at Proto3000 can assist you with almost any plastic prototyping service. Make sure your product is ready when it hits the market – and we can help. Take your idea from a thought to a design to a functioning plastic prototype with Proto3000.

        The Technology 


  • PolyJet Matrix™ Technology  
  • PolyJet 3D Printing
  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Stereolithography (SLA)

The Benefits of Plastic Prototyping Services With Proto3000


Print Your Designs In 3D

With Proto3000 as your plastic prototyping service partner, you can take your designs from concept to physical model.

Our 3D printers will be able to render your CAD designs into real-life prototypes best representative of the end-use part. 

Our plastic prototyping services are offered with productivity in mind. Our industry-leading 3D printers can produce your models in short timeframes within your budget. 

​We boast a tremendous selection of materials to meet the most unique project needs.


 Find Your Perfect Material

With a variety of materials and rapid prototyping processes to choose from you can be sure that your plastic prototype meets its intended specifications. 

Our plastic materials include thermoplastics, biodegradable plastics, heat-resistant plastics, and plastic materials that differ in flexibility, strength, color, and durability. 

With our Objet 3D printers you can create multi-material prototypes that combine plastic and rubber-like materials. 


Collaboration Is Key

We will work very closely with you to produce customized plastic prototypes and models. 

Regardless of scale, size, or end-use, our engineering service staff will be able to find the process and solution right for your project. As your partner, we will will always be available for assistance, advice and support.

Request a plastic prototyping quote today to see just how easy rapid prototyping can be. With your team and our team on the same page, there are no limits to plastic prototyping!



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