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Rapid Plastic Prototyping Materials and Equipment 

Plastic Prototyping Materials

The true advantage in plastic prototyping, just like any rapid prototyping process, is the materials available. With all of our different rapid prototyping processes, we can offer a full range of different plastic materials. These plastic materials can be chosen to best accomplish the purpose of your prototype. If you require injection molding for instance, stronger and more durable plastics can be chosen, as well as temperature resistant plastic. Our Objet 3D printers will also provide a variety of different materials, whose shore values can be adjusted to achieve different strengths, density, durability and flexibility. 


Polyjet Plastic Printing Materials


  • DurusWhite - FullCure430


  • VeroWhite - FullCure830
  • VeroBlue - FullCure840
  • VeroGray - FullCure850
  • VeroBlack - FullCure870
  • VeroClear


  • TangoPlus - FullCure930
  • TangoBlackPlus - FullCure980
  • TangoGray - FullCure950
  • TangoBlack - FullCure970
  • Digital Mixes




FDM Plastic Printing Materials


  • ABS Plus
  • ABSi
  • ABS – M30
  • ABS – M30i
  • ​ABS-Like
  • PC
  • PC - ABS
  • PC - ISO
  • PPSF
  • ULTEM 9085

SLS & SLA Plastic Materials


  • Duraform GF
  • Duraform PA
  • Duraform EX
  • Duraform Flex
  • Duraform AF
  • Castform P


  • Accura 60
  • Accura 55
  • Accura 50
  • Accura 45HC
  • Accura Amethyst
  • Accura Bluestone
  • Accura 25
  • Accura 10​

Plastic Prototyping Equipment

Proto3000 provides 3D printers capable of the most versatile plastic prototyping on the market today. With Objet's full lineup of 3D Printers and Printing materials, you will have access to a full range of plastics ranging in strength and durability. From the Desktop family, to the Eden family and even the Connex family, our industry leading printers and accompanying materials will provide you will all the tools you need to prototype your plastic product designs in house. This can lead to immense cost savings, as well as increases in operational efficiency. 



Polyjet Plastic Prototyping Equipment


FDM Plastic Prototyping Machines


SLS & SLA Plastic Prototyping Machines




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