Outsourcing makes the world go round. Increase
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Rapid Prototyping Services 

Bringing in rapid prototyping equipment is not always feasible. Here at Proto3000 we understand it takes time to achieve the elite product development output that would justify purchasing a prototyping machine. In the meantime, take advantage of our rapid prototyping services to assist you on your product development journey. We offer various types of rapid prototyping processes, so your design and function needs are both met. We also offer quick turn-around times so you can meet your time frames and deadlines. 

Why Do I Need Rapid Prototyping Services?

In the product development cycle there is little room for error. Prototyping allows for catching any imperfections in a product prior to it reaching production. The benefits of assets invested in research and development far outweigh the potential losses in recalls or defects. Even a simple idea can begin to take form with rapid prototyping. Everyone has the ability to improve the world around them, whether they have a simple idea that is blossoming in their mind, or a fully fledged product waiting to be developed. Rapid prototyping helps you to take that process to the next level. Being able to hold your concept in your hands, with moving parts leaves for exponential analysis to be performed, ensuring that when your product does reach the market, it is customer friendly and impactful.



The Technology 

  • PolyJet Matrix™ Technology  
    Allows on-demand fabrication of custom composite materials, called Digital Materials™
  • PolyJet 3D Printing
    The ideal 3-dimensional printing technology for office environments
  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
    Thermoplastics are heated to a liquid state and deposited based on the path defined by the CAD file
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
    With a high-powered laser, small particles of plastic, metal, ceramic or glass powders are fused into a 3D object
  • Stereolithography (SLA)
    Similar to Polyjet matrix printing, stereolithography is an additive manufacturing process that uses the combination of resin and a UV laser to build prototypes one layer at a time


The Benefits of Rapid Prototyping Services With Proto3000


Save Time and Money

Produce development is a costly endeavor, and often a long one. By outsourcing your prototyping, you are benefiting from the expertise of Proto3000's design team. 


Unparalleled Accuracy

Print your ideas in 3D to within 16 microns

Objet is the first company to paten and use multi-material printing in the same print job. This industry leading technology enables you to complete more intricate, complex designs without compromising speed, design limitations or costs.


Custom Designs

Catch any imperfection in a product prior to it reaching the market.

Forever eliminate recalling parts, saving you cost, effort and time.

Rapid prototyping helps you to take processes to the next level.

Improve your product design skills






High Speed, Low Cost

Rapid prototyping really knows no limits; there is a wide range of Rapid Prototyping applications, which include:

  • CAD Data verification

  • Fit-Form-Function Testing

  • Operational Model testing

  • Trade Show Models 

  • Manufacturing production quality parts in relatively small numbers

  • Production of complex shapes for fine arts exhibitions




Working, Durable Models

Enables the on-the-fly fabrication of Digital Materials™ - Composite materials that closely emulate the mechanical properties of the target design

Eliminates the need to design, print and glue together separate model parts made with different materials in order to create a complete model, saving printing and post-processing time

Significantly reduce the risk of error when creating complex molds for double injection by enabling the majority of testing to be performed on early stage prototypes instead of requiring silicon molds.


Customer Service

At Proto3000, our engineering staff are able to deliver prototypes suited to their customers needs, with their expertise and skills being utilized

​Economically, for single product development, rapid prototyping services are much more effective than mass production

Our engineering support staff is highly educated with years of experience, and always delivers in a time sensitive manor.



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