​   SLS technologies can produce complex designs,
   with an intricate touch.




Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Applications





Digital Manufacturing

Produce models directly from digital files. Any deviations form the ideal model can be easily corrected and applied to your next SLS prototype.


High-Temperature Resistance

High temperatures often ruin prototypes. They are typically unable to withstand the additional stress, causing issues in testing as well as R&D. With SLS prototypes, high temperatures can be tolerated to enhance the realness of your prototype. 


Complex, Thin-Wall Ductwork

SLS prototyping technologies can produce large, durable models. They are also capable of delivering miniscule, intricate prototypes, with no deviation in quality or durability.




Rapid Manufacturing

The material selection of SLS technology provide a whole array of rapid manufacturing possibilities, including aerospace hardware, medical and healthcare products, military hardware, and consumer goods. 


Concept Models

A concept model is used when time and cost effectiveness/constraints are more important than cosmetics and accuracy. We can develop CAD files


Production Parts Without Tooling

The durability of the materials, as well as the ability to prototype metal mean the tooling step can be skipped with an SLS production process. 



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