Proto3000 offers 3D Prototyping Services to
help you reach deadlines in a cost
effective manner.




Prototyping Services 

Introducing 3D prototyping equipment is not always financially possible. Don't worry - we know that a service job can assist you in your product development cycle in the early stages. Providing our clients with digital or physical 3D prototypes greatly assists their efforts. If equipment is not a viable option, take advantage of our 3D prototyping services to assist you on your product development journey. We offer many different 3D prototyping processes, each of which are designed to keep costs and time to a minimum. We can help your design projects, meet the required deadlines. 

Why Do I Need 3D Prototyping Services?

With no room for error in product design, your prototypes must maximize their potential and help you realize design flaws early in the design phase. Companies have lost millions of dollars with design flaws, so take great care when designing your final product.

With 3D prototyping, an idea can truly take physical shape. With the freedom of design, you can create anything you can imagine in 3D. 3D prototyping is an ever growing industry and takes the design process to the next level - from digital to physical. Create moving parts with different physical properties including: temperature sensitive/resistant materials, living hinges, etc.



        The Technology 

  • PolyJet Matrix™ Technology  
  • Concept Designs


The Benefits of 3D Prototyping Services With Proto3000


 3D For Design

  3D Prototyping offers you:

  • Affordable solution leveraging Objet  PolyJet™ Technology is the best-in-class solution that is more accurate than competitor 3D Printers and materials
  • Single material optimized for various functions, while customized Digital Materials allow for great final product replication
  • Suitable for any environment including the office, lab or workshop (or even at home!)




Easy-To-Clean and Ready-To-Use 

  •  The gel-like support material, which is specially designed to support intricate geometries, is easily removed by hand and/or water jetting
  • Immediately following the water jetting (and drying), your new 3D Model is ready to use!
  • Your product is durable and closely mimics the properties of the final product

It’s a 3D World

Call us today to see if Proto3000's 3D Prototyping services are for you

Objet’s patented PolyJet and PolyJet Matrix technology is a complete 3D printing solution for any rapid prototyping application

Objet's family of 3D Printers pushes the power to create into the hands of their users




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